DHBM Friends chat Discord Invite

Hello! If you are looking for some friends to hang out with, music or talking about Disney this server will be fun!

Once you join you should read the rule. But I will say them here.

  1. So bullying or harassment.
  2. No spamming
  3. No explicit images
  4. Watch your language.
  5. Avoid Drama.

If you break any rules you may be banned. Be careful but have fun!

Please respect everyone. And remember, yo do not have to talk about the game. Or Disney.


I’m downloading the app…


I’m joining


Saw the discord server invite. Thank you. Decided to see what it was all about. I had no idea what a discord server is. Thought you were recruiting to a new game server. Thought odd? Asked my teammates about it No one knew anything about it.
Did some research. It sounds like a great idea.
I suspect that those of us who find global chat annoying would really like the discord server if we knew what it was. Maybe you could add an explanation in the invite? Disney heroes is a great game that is fun for all ages. Unfortunately some of us older fans don’t have hip n cool computer savvy. Thanks again!

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