Diamond Crate Rewards

Some of us spend A LOT of money on diamonds for this game but we are frequently “rewarded“ with chips, badges and badge bits that aren’t worth what we spend on them. It costs us 288 diamonds to get a green badge or blue badge bit?!? We have all these new characters but still get Dash or Nick from guild coins and diamond crates?!? That’s unfair to many of us. We need better rewards for our time, effort, and money that we put into the game. You guys see all of our transaction logs, we absolutely LOVE this game. PLEASE HELP US OUT WITH BETTER DIAMOND CRATE REWARDS!!! PLEEEEEEEASE


They’ve already stated that this is something they’re working on improving: Update 1.5 Patch Notes


What I can tell you is that save up for the “Buy 10”. It’s better than just buying the single packs.

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