Update 1.5 Patch Notes

Disney Heroes: Battle Mode Update 1.5

Welcome to the Disney Heroes: Battle Mode 1.5 Update! This update is focused on two big events: Mickey Mouse’s upcoming anniversary and Guild War.

First off, we’re honored to have Mickey join us in time for his 90th Anniversary, which will be November 18, 2018. Mickey will be the sign-in hero for the month of November to celebrate his big day!

Secondly, because Guild War is such a big feature, we wanted to dedicate a release to it. We’ve been working on it for a while now, and hope you enjoy what we’ve come up with! As with The Heist, Guild War will launch first on Server 1. Once we’re happy with how it’s working, we will roll it out to the whole community!


  • Mickey Mouse is ready to join your team!
  • New Guild War is here: Battle rival guilds for rankings and rewards!
  • Diamond Crate Upgrades, Memory Shop and more!

Mickey Mouse

“Hot dog!”
Mickey Mouse is a special back-line Support Hero! Mickey will be the sign-in hero for November.

Team Cheer
Mickey applies “Tooned Up” to all allies, giving them an increase to all damage done.

Silly Symphony
Mickey conducts an Energy boost to the ally with the least energy.

Apprentice Sorcery
Mickey magically heals the ally with the least HP.

Oh Boy!
Allies with “Tooned Up” regenerate HP over the duration of “Tooned Up”.

Hero Balance and Combat Changes

  • The following skills can no longer be used when Silenced:
    • Captain Jack Sparrow’s “Pirate Code” skill
    • Merida’s “Pride of the Clan” skill
    • Mr. Incredible’s “Super Duper” skill
  • Fixed an issue where Hades’ damage redirect would affect a Heist battle before he arrived
  • Fixed a rare issue where Miguel’s healing worked incorrectly when facing another Miguel in battle
  • Fixed an issue where Quorra’s white skill could be triggered while she’s riding her Light Cycle through enemies.

Guild War

Head-to-Head, Two-Day Wars

  • Compete in two-day long wars against other guilds to climb the rankings and earn war box rewards.
  • Spend the first day of war planning your attack and sabotaging enemy heroes.
  • Spend the second day making one or two attacks to clear as many rooms as possible.
  • Win 7 wars each month to reach Legendary Rank, earn unique posters, and even better war box rewards!

Fight Through Your Opponent’s Garage

  • Each Guild has nine cars that hinder all attacks against that guild or give the guild bonus points during the war.
  • Defend your cars from attackers by setting your team of heroes to defend one of the nine cars.
  • When attacking, defeat all of the defenders in a room to disable the car for the remainder of the war.
  • Starting at the ground floor, attacks must clear one room on a floor before the next floor up becomes accessible.

Attacking and Defending

  • Each player gets one free attack per war.
  • Each guild has a limited number of extra attacks that players can use to make a second attack in a war.
  • Each battle in a war requires you to fight 3 five-hero defending teams with 3 different five-hero attacking teams.
  • Each defending hero you defeat stays KO’d for the remainder of the war.
  • In these fights you can turn Auto off and use your active skills more wisely.

Find Out More
Check out our full Guild War Overview here.

Memory Market

  • Find the Memories you need in the new Memory Market
  • This market uses Memory Tokens; keep an eye out for them in upcoming Events and Contests!

New Content and Hero Locations

Server 1 Update

  • Existing Heroes
    • Miguel will be available only in the Diamond Crate
    • Hiro Hamada and Stitch will be available in the War Shop

Server 2-8 Update

  • Existing Heroes
    • Miguel will be available only in the Diamond Crate
    • Hiro Hamada will be available only in the Diamond Crate (removed from Elite Campaign)
  • Coming Soon to the War Shop
    • Once War releases, Hiro Hamada and Stitch will be available in the War Shop

Servers 9-12 Update

  • Existing Heroes
    • Felix will be available only in the Diamond Crate (removed from Elite Campaign)
  • Coming Soon to the War Shop
    • Once War releases, Felix and Stitch will be available in the War Shop

Server 13 Update

  • Existing Heroes
    • Miguel will be available only in the Diamond Crate
  • Coming Soon to the War Shop
    • Once War releases, Maui and Stitch will be available in the War Shop

Server 14 Update

  • Coming Soon to the War Shop
    • Once War releases, Captain Jack Sparrow will be available in the War Shop

Other Improvements

  • We’re testing a couple of new features out on a single server:
    • Diamond Crate Upgrades: Earn upgrades to your crate drops as you buy or open more crates
    • Video Ads: Earn certain lower-level VIP features in exchange for watching video ads
    • If these features function correctly and are well received, we will roll them out globally
  • Fast Forward and Auto are now available for all users starting at Team Level 5
  • Items in Events now display a red dot if needed by heroes
    • Item tooltips in Events now have an info button that displays which heroes need the item and at which ranks
  • Added a new difficulty to The Heist - Very Hard grants even more Disk Power as a reward

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue with Contest rankings when there are ties
  • Fixed an issue where Campaign → Friends tab can become inaccessible if you have no Friend Campaigns in progress
  • Fixed an issue where Finnick can use his white skill before his van disappears from screen
  • Fixed issue where Maui could “float” when being stunned at the beginning of a Heist battle

OMG Thank you so much PerBlue for making Mickey Mouse a sign in hero! Keep up the good work. :+1:


Any change to guild crate?


Who will be taking Felix spot in Elite Missons?


@Master_Blaster No, 2 weeks is not enough.


I’m looking forward to the guild wars. Thanks dev team. Mickey mouse will be awesome :heart_eyes:

On the other hand I was expecting some changes for heist regarding afk problem.


When is the update release?


For server 1-8 where we will find miguel??? You dont tell anything about him


Miguel will be moving into the Diamond Crate.


Argh… thats a bad news :joy:


what have u excepted? guild crate? :rofl:

@Polaris Are those crate bonuses retroactive for those of us who have opened hundreds of crates already?


Still nothing in-game to prevent/punish AFK players in Heist?

Please, make this a top priority.


Yes, they will be automatically applied to your account.

This will be in a future update. 1.5 was focused on Guild War, and Heist improvements are in the works.


:scream: Quorra, noooOooOooO! I’ll admit, I’m one of those who took advantage of activating her special in the middle of a team @ the start, so I’ll be sad to see this “bug” taken care of … but, it was a well-deserved fix considering how OP she already is. Besides that … New hero!! Mickey sounds aMAzing & I’m SO excited for Guild War to hit the other servers! :star_struck:

Test it thoroughly, S1ers!!!

Interesting! Have to say, I was really hoping changes would scale depending on our Team Levels rather than through another potential P2W option. I’m anxious to see these changes, nonetheless. Super DUPER happy to see Ads coming back for something. That being said, I hope the whole “well received” issue doesn’t mimic the incident with Ads for Friend Stamina - where it was well-loved but scrapped anyway.


don’t change the quorra ult pls


With most other big updates there were level increases. Will the levels increase for this update for all servers?

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Not this time. We just did team level increases a couple weeks ago with the 1.4 update.


Can that single server be named where the new features will be tested? Or does it go without saying that it’s server 1?

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We really appreciate supplying us with update logs on the forums prior to release. This genuinely shows that you care about the community. Can’t wait to use Mickey! :sunglasses:

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