[Dicussion] Elemental

As y’all know Elemental is the next Pixar Animated movie coming out, I just saw the teaser trailer and it was good so What are thoughts on the 27th Pixar movie?


I think there is a lot to be said about this movie.
I like how each of the 4 “Elementizens” are able to be animated differently.
I also like how the Air “Elementizens’” designs appear to be based on another Pixar short film, “Partly Cloudy”.

Though the teaser got me wondering if instead of the 4 different groups it was based on all the elements seen on the Periodic Table.

Regardless, I feel this movie will satisfy those who have been yearning for “a true Pixar film”, while also appealing to other demographics.

“Fire” is not an element in the Periodic Table from what I remember from chemistry though.

Regardless I think it is once again going to be a beautiful movie!

I think it was a mix up Zootopia and inside out

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Not sure of the movie itself, but the teaser heavily focuses on reactions between elements. Grass growing, fire gets extinguished etc. Most chemical elements are just metals, which do not react with each other by themselves and require to be connected into other substances with “the main stars”: hydrogen, carbon, oxygen etc.

I wasn’t stating it would be better or worse. I just thought that could be an interesting concept. Probably suited better for a short rather than a feature length film.

Pixar never disappoints us in animation and they were the first studio with computer animation

… What does that have to do with what TTS was talking about?

When they said they not sure the movie if it would be good or not I had to tell them that Pixar has been making good movies and it’s first part I mean not the element part

I know I’m looking forward to seeing this new Disney/Pixar movie.

Ember/Anger and Wade/Moana friendship anyone?

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They never said that.
Reread what they wrote.

I saw the trailer and the animation was very beautiful!

I was talking about the first part before they said all the elements

Well, Ember and Anger makes sense when l saw the character l could already imagine her being friends with him. As for Wade and Moana, it makes sense and l find it very interesting.

Of course I can see it too

Still. They never said it looked bad.

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I know that I’m just telling them

How about Wade/Frozone? They are both cool guys

And maybe there is space for Ember/Wade

I saw the teaser trailer (TWICE!), and I thought it was really good! The background music makes me wanna tap my feet to the beat. XD

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