Different crate prices on older and newer servers

Server 16 - rarity 06, cap at lvl 120

Server 1 - rarity red2, cap at lvl 145

I really can’t fathom why deal prices are 50% higher. I understand that you get more stam packs on older servers for less money/diamonds bc you need so much more bits and items. I still think it’s unfair, but that’s that.
But why double the price on chips? Newer servers get toons much faster and it’s getting impossible to equip them with 6 stars if you simply aren’t able to buy every chip deal that is out there.
But 50% more diamonds for the same amount of chips crates is highly unfair imho.

Because old servers also have prices like this before, everyone need to pass “the bad time”.

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It’s because the main servers are much harder to progress than in the new servers. Maybe to compensate, at least?

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