Disable v Debuff

Can someone please tell me the list of disables and the list of debuffs? Are they the same? Does immune to disable include slow, sap, and curse? What “debuffs” can be blocked, absorbed, removed?


Tomorrow I will make table with disables and debuffs. :wink: Might help…

no. read EVE’s purple skill for whole list of disables in game

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That’s what I was referring to previously, but since she is a much older toon, and new debuffs have come into play, I want sure.

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Disables prevent characters from doing certain actions. These include:

  • Stuns
  • Charms
  • Silences
  • Blinds
  • Freezes

Debuffs lower the stat of a character. These include

  • Studies
  • Scares
  • Curses
  • Saps
  • Decreases of…
    • Skill Power
    • Basic Damage
    • Attack Speed
    • Tenacity
    • Armor
    • Reality

No new disables have come into play at all

I can add that Merlin’s squirrel counts as a disable (Anger is immune to it, and he’s not immune to debuffs). Debuffs are reduction of stats in general, like the ones @Filadae_Djaq listed above, but also curse, sap and even Ursula’s hex. I’m not sure about Most Wanted, Pooh’s Hunny and Facilier’s Frog, since I haven’t seen those in action a lot.

Not a real status effect, it just indicates which hero has done the most damage.

That just increases the damage some of Pooh’s skills do, so it’s neither.

Probably a disable, like the squirrels and Genie’s makeover.

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I’d count it as a silence and a basic damage debuff. As the squirrels may only perform basic attacks. And have their basic damage decreased.

I feel like the lines are kind of blurred now, especially when it comes to Hardy. I believe Hardy supposedly only blocks debuffs but actually blocks both…? Rapunzel was definitely immune to freezing from Elsa whenever I encountered her, for instance.

I guess disables are a special kind of debuffs. And with all those decreases, damage per second is also a debuff, probably same with scare/study, not sure about curse/sap.

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Cursing and sapping count as debuffs

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If you check out the in-game support, it describes what they are.

Poohs Hunny is technically a move/attack speed reduction. It reduces by 10% per, up to 80%.

Apologies for necroing this topic but I couldn’t find an answer or a better suited topic about it.

Pacha with Kr disk should technically have gazillion Tenacity. However when fighting Genie today his Makeover skill lasted for the full duration. The above mentions that Genie’s and Merlin’s polymorphs count as disables and should therefore be affected by Tenacity. But it doesn’t seem like it. Has anyone tested this out?

As a bonus reason for necroing, this post made me realize negative effects are actually split into 2 categories which might be helpful to other players :slight_smile: The game doesn’t explain this very well.

I have seen heroes break out of Merlin’s Squirrel effects early, but not sure about Pacha. As for Genie, I’m guessing that because it is an animation it runs its course regardless if it connects? So maybe Evasion can disregard it but Tenacity can’t? The same could happen with Yzma as well. I have not encountered either of them all that much during my time playing the game, so I honestly haven’t noticed or paid attention to a lot when it comes to these abilities.

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