Disc wording Evil Queen Tia Dalma

I noticed a few Discs that look like they disadvantage your own allies if you use them.

Is this the case?

Yax disc for Tia says
Silence length to Tia and allies increase as the star level goes up… so 1 star if she has the disc, silence is only 17% longer while 5 stars make silence 75% longer to my team…
Why would you want to silence yourself longer

Same with Gaston disc and Evil Queen.
It seems you sunning your team 85% longer than not having the disc at all?

By “your team” they mean the disables benefit allies

So if EQ stuns for 18 seconds her Gaston disk (maxed) makes it 33.3 seconds.


Thank you. The wording is poor.

If I say silence TO allies it means the silence is directed at my team.

If the wording was silences FROM my allies then that would clear up confusion.

So to be clear, no discs or powers inflict self harm for a greater benefit?

Not really, only a few that have an effect that makes the disk a bad thing like Animal (Go) that although the speed increase is great his shield have very low HP and heroes like Dash (Vi) or Shan yu can counter that shield
(I don’t know if there are others but that’s the example I know)

  • John Silver’s white
  • Demona (basically entire skillset)
  • Frozone (EV)*
*Frozone’s EVE disk helps Frozone freeze his own allies to heal them. It’s a terrible disk, but it counts. The other listed heroes only damage themselves. John’s damage can help him become invincible to studied enemies because of his purple skill and Demona can revive herself for an infinite amount of times.
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