Discussion: Making Shields More Viable

It’s widely known that if you put a shield generator in your defense team, specially in the higher ladder, they will make it more vulnerable to heroes like Dash(Vi). And if the attacker thinks that just Dash is not enough, they can add Rapunzel(Ja) to the mix, making Dash deal 665%(in other words, an extra 565%) damage to shielded enemies(if both disks are at 5 Stars). So what, in your opinion, are the best ways to make shields a more viable defense strategy? We already have extra effects, extra Max HP, but apparently it’s not enough.

Nerfing Dash’s Violet disk.
And… energy gain of Shan from shields.

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Nick and Tron :yawning_face:

I use them with Baymax and Shang all the time and Dash isn’t usually an issue (Usually meaning most of the time. Not all.)

Rapunzel (Ja) isn’t that common, so she isn’t much of a problem either :man_shrugging:

King Louie kills Dash easily as well

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Angel and Meg exists.
KL is random and he has 0 negation so Joy counters him a bit as well.

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