Disgust incoming!


Poor Fear being so scared and lonely… I wish that he can make it to the game soon…


I can never remember how to find that screen though… always get to it by accident…
Mind pointing me in the right direction please?


It is visible when you click pause on a battle. Looking forward to Disgust!


Well now I feel really silly, thanks!

This is technically a spoiler, although in the grey zone as PerBlue revealed it themselves, but thought you could maybe change the title text to something like “New character found in the status list” or something like that.

Up to you, just thought I brining it up as a person who prefer to not get spoiled if possible :-).


I did this with Pooh, and it wasn’t a problem. Generally if PB leaks it themselves it’s ok to talk about.

Yeah, like eq and sadness (only ones I could think of lol)

So she’s the next Kim Possible? Or what?

Uh, no? Kim was in development for over a year and disgust was just found today so I doubt that

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DISGUST!!! WOO HOO!!! She’s my favourite Inside Out character by far, definitely can’t wait to get her.

I’m so glad Inside Out is getting more love from this game!

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Are they even gonna add villain’s this month?

I’m glad disgust is coming but I want more villain’s

please add cruella perblue


I saw thta today

*[quote=“Spoop9Nut, post:1, topic:1266733, full:true”]


I saw that today

You don’t have to repeat it. Also, your not quoting perfectly.


I wonder what Disgust’s status effect is called? Personally, I think it might be something along the lines of “Revulsion”.

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How do you find this?

If you pause a battle you can click status icons which brings up that list. Sometimes you can find hints if future heroes such as Disgust.

Oh, ok, so this is like a cheat sheet for the future lol

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