Disney Big Brother! Season 1!

Welcome To Season 1!

Inspired By The Actual TV Show, Big Brother. I’ve Decided To Make My Own But With Disney Characters

The Cast

This Cast Contains 7 Disney Characters Who Will Fight For 500,000 Dollars!

How It Works

Each Morning YOU! Yes you :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: Will Be able to Vote For A Head Of Household, Then I Will Spin A Wheel With All The Contestants Names On Them The Two Names I Land On Will Be Nominated For Eviction! Then At The End Of The Day. You! Again :hugs: Get To Vote Between The Two Nominations For Who You Want To Send Home!

I Will Make Updates On What The Houseguests Are Doing Everyday! You Can Also Help Me By PM Me To Give Me Your Ideas On What Should Happen @Cricket101

9:30 AM EST: The Episode For The Day Os Released

3:00 PM EST: Eviction Voting Is Revealed

First HOH Voting

  • Woody
  • Stitch
  • Mickey
  • Megara
  • Buzz
  • Anna
  • Olaf

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Season Recaps:

Day 1:



Any thoughts? Suggestions?

This is genius

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I just want to know if you’re going to start all the information posts as

Day 1 in the Disney big brother house

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Yes I sure will and thank you for the suggestion lol

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Thank you so much dude :pray:t2:

Uh so I never heard of this show, so let me cover this one thing at a time. What id the Head of Household? Do they get immunity?

Yes they do

It’s like Surviver but more fun

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What is survivor?

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Seriously?? It’s On CBS

Hey I didn’t know what it was for a while chill brother

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Survivor is a pretty interesting tv show!
I didn’t know big brother was almost exactly like it.

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It is except they don’t work on teams except season 18 maybe…

Better not send Woody home.

Well to be honest it’s up to y’all all o can do is spin a wheel to determine the Nominations

Well, you can use this link to make it easier. You just have to edit it with each eviction.

I know that’s what I’m using

Thank you btw

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