Disney+ day Discussion

Disney+ started streaming 2 years ago today and became one of the most popular streaming services ever. Today New movies and shows released in honor of the anniversary. Disney has also decided to make announcements for their streaming service in the future. I’ve made this thread to discuss and review the announcements, films, shorts, and shows for Disney+ day.

The Simpsons In Plusiversary

The short stars Homer and Goofy with Lisa, Bart and Disney Characters Scattered among them. This was an all around funny short and, though wasn’t as good as the marvel short was still funny. Seeing an intoxicated goofy was somewhat disturbing in a sense but also funny.

Olaf presents

This was one of the several shots released today, and it doesn’t disappoint. The shorts have Olaf telling the stories of Tangled, Moana, Aladdin, the little mermaid, And the lion king. My favorite by far was The lion king and Olaf talking about the way mufasa died, in a little to much detail… funny yet disturbing.

Home sweet home alone

Let’s see if sixth times the charm for home alone. This film is about two people selling their house and thinking that a brat (the kid was more annoying than Kevin in the original film) stole a wildly expensive doll. The people break into his house, oh and if you couldn’t tell the kid is home alone (GET IT!!!). The film is very bad, plot is very weak. Unlike the original film where there was at least two useless characters, the film spends its first hour introducing characters with at least 12 characters who have 4 minutes of screen time. The actors who play the burglars are trying their best with the plot, and in the film they are generally hardworking people so Disney says, “Let’s light them on fire and stick nails in their face!” I pray this is the final home alone movie, because they weren’t good after the second film…

When I watch the rest of the movies and shorts I will post the reviews

Chip and Dale poster

The poster for the Chip & Dale rescue rangers film reboot comeback was released today. The background features a tiny chipmunk sized script, under the small script is a script reading “DARKW”, obviously meaning darkwing Duck… (and on the orange sticky note the words read “-DWD reboot” and then some word I can’t read). The poster also features sketches of mjonir (apologizes if I botched the spelling) and Darth Vader. Overall I’m excited for the film and possible disappointment it may bring.

Hocus pocus 2: Sanderson sisters

Just as our game got the sisters (well, all except sarah for the time…), Disney revealed the Sisters for the sequel to the classic Halloween film, Hocus Pocus. I’m very excited to see what antics these three hags witches get up to in the sequel.

Disenchanted logo

Logo for disenchanted, the sequel for enchanted, releasing Fall of 2022.

Pinocchio cast and premiere date

The Pinocchio remake will release fall 2022 on Disney+ and more cast was announced

Baymax trailer

Baymax! | Official Trailer | Disney+ - YouTube
Trailer for the new show based off of big hero 6

Kenobi concept

PHOTOS: 'Obi-Wan Kenobi' Concept Art Revealed, Behind the Scenes Sneak Peek Now Available on Disney+ - WDW News Today

Tiana release date

FIRST LOOK: 'Tiana' Animated Musical Series Coming to Disney+ in 2023 - WDW News Today
Artwork For Tiana and it’s release date was revealed (also is it just me or does the art look like Anistasia)

Will update with more announcements

Happy Disney+ day Everyone!!!


Sweet Sally! The Sanderson’s haven’t age a bit.

Anyway, where’s Baymax? The trailer for Baymax came out today.


Hadn’t seen trailer yet… oops

Baymax is probably the announcement that sparked me the most joy. He is just soo funny and cute!

I haven’t seen actual Disney±day content, but I probably will in the next few days (weeks?). I’m looking forward to see multiple things: Shang-Chi, but also Ciao Alberto, Olaf Presents and the Boba Fett special!

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There is a trailer of ice age adventures of buck wild. The franchise returns, but blue sky was not involved in it.

I just saw the Ice age adventures of Buck Wild trailer Baymax trailer and the Proud family Louder and Prouder trailer

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