Disney+ day event

In the event details for Disney+ Day Celebratio Event, it mentions that we are having:

  • Bonus Gold & Stamina from the “Get More” features

but the bonus hasn’t been activated yet

shall we wait for the bonus to be activated? or this is just a typo in the event details?

Well, I’m nearly 100% certain they won’t reschedule it for any time during the next week, so it’s either today or nothing.

I saw that too. I thought it was multiple days, because GMS wasn’t active. Too tired to read h instead of d… brain filled it in.

Bonus PvP chances is very odd for the first day of Week 1. It’s basically useless.

Seems like a yay, it’s a special day, moving on…

I was ready to write it. My guess is that the description is reused from an older event and bonus gold and stamina should not be there.

@Nugget could you ask when you come to the office?

It should be active now!


oh well, i bought stamine before it’s active…

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