Disney Defenders VS Psych Ward

In Server 4 A long awaited battle is about to take place and I want to see who you want to win! (If your not from server 4 and you don’t know these Guilds you don’t have to vote this is just for Fun)

  • Disney Defenders
  • Psych Ward

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Yes, but most people in this game, have no clue who these guilds are


The Forums are so Full of negativity And I try to do a fun thing and then they flag my own topic which I placed in the correct place in the forums as Off topic I don’t know why i try I’m not looking forward to this merge All it means is everyone in Server 4 is gonna have to deal with other people’s negativity

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The forums aren’t full of negativity. Many of us are very positive and kind. I know many fellow formers from Servers 2 and 3 (and I’m from Server 8) and I can say that they are very helpful and nice. I’m looking forward to the merge.

We’ll see I guess

And yes in Literally every update there are people complaining

So yes these Forums is full of negativity and then I try to do something fun and someone marks my topic as off Topic just cause they don’t know these Guilds

Well, those are the update people…and they only show up to complain about the update.

If you spend a little time looking around the forums, I think you will find a ton of positive topics. :grin:

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I’ll show the winner at the end of the war Thank you for voting

Dont fight with fan, or ill fight with you (JK)

ikr too much negativity

just saying your guild is amazing cant wait for you to join our server :smile: (im a friend of black widow) i admire you on forums

GG thanks to all who voted

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