Disney-Fan’s Entry For The Pixar Short Contest


Name: Reptillus Maximus
Short: Toy Story That Time Forgot
:star::star: Front-line Damage
Team: Blue

“Giving is surrender. A Battlesaur would never surrender!“

Like a Battlesaur, Reptillus never gives up but makes his enemies surrender.


Entrance: Jumps into position and does some tricks with his mace

Victory: Reptillus does tricks with his mace.

Defeat: Reptillus drops his mace and falls back, like a toy.


Basic Attack: Hits an enemy with his war mace.

White skill: The Ultimate Dinosaur
Normal Damage✊
Passive- At the start of each wave, the player selects an enemy to apply Surrender to. While on auto, the enemy with the highest basic damage will be applied Surrender.

Enemies that have been applied Surrender lose 50% Attack and Movement Speed and gain 50% less energy. Surrender can not be removed until the enemy is KO’d

Active- Reptillus Maximus swings his war axe at a random enemy, dealing X damage. If the targeted enemy has been applied with Surrender, the enemy takes an extra Y damage.

Green Skill: Numerous Customizations
Before Reptillus Maximus uses The Ultimate Dinosaur, the player picks one role ( Tank, damage, control, or support ). If the enemy being targeted with The Ultimate Dinosaur is the same role as the role the player chose, they take 25% more damage. While on auto, they swap between the order shown above.

Blue Skill: Battle Blade
Normal Damage :fist:
When an enemy is about to hit Reptillus with any skill, he dodges and counters by striking them with his war mace, dealing X damage. If the enemy has been applied with Surrender, this gains a 25% chance to crit. Reptillus can dodge an attack every 7 seconds.

Purple Skill: Show No Mercy
Reptillus Maximus deals 30% more damage to enemies that have been applied with Surrender.

Red Skill: Strength and Honor
Reptillus Maximus is immune to knockbacks.
Reptillus recieves X armor each time he KO’s an enemy.

+X Basic damage
+Y Skill Power
+Z damage from Battle Blade


Reptillus Maximus and Rex
Campaign: Tales of Woe
Disk: Fearsome Beasts- When an enemy is applied with Surrender, they are scared for the first two seconds of battle plus 2 per star.
+X Armor
Description: Reptillus shares his battle experiences with Rex
Allies: Hero, Hercules, Peter Pan

Reptillus Maximus and Yzma
Campaign: Big Purple Battlesaur
Disk: Dinosaurs Exsist- Reptillus Maximus heals for 5% Max HP each time he deals damage per star
+X Basic Damage
Description: Reptillus tries to turn Yzma into a Battlesaur, despite her not being a dinosaur.
Allies: Rex, Mushu, Madam Mim

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Thank you for submitting. This is a really neat concept! OMG my contest is going so well I am shocked!

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