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So earlier today I was fighting a Lv. 70 P0 Mulan with a Lv. 123 Maxed out O8 Megara and Mulan nearly One hit KO’d Meg! That’s terrible! Megara needs a buff, and she doesn’t have one. Even with her red skill, she is still not one of the best support heroes. So, I decided to show y’all what I think would be a good refresh for her.



+100% Max HP
+75% Reality
+50% Skill Power

For a character who is meant to divert damage to herself, she does not have very good HP and Reality. My Lv. 50 P0 Maximus has more HP than my Lv. 123 O8 Megara! Just pathetic! The reality will help her stand against damage from other sources. The Skill Power will improve her healing and damage with Self Sufficient and Silence Is Golden and grant her linked ally Skill Power with Deep Link.


Witty Riposte

Passive: Instead of having a basic attack, the player chooses to an ally for Megara to link with at the start of battle. While the battle is on auto, Megara chooses the front-most ally at the time of the link activation.

Megara diverts 25% of all damage taken by the linked ally to herself and the linked ally can not fall below 1 HP while Megara is in the fight.

Active: Megara charms the three closest enemies for 5 seconds.

The charms have a chance to fail against enemies above level X.

  • Increased charm duration to 8 seconds.

Given that other heroes can charm an entire team for 11 seconds, Megara’s charm seems rather weak. Increasing the duration allows her linked ally to stay alive longer, especially if played on auto.

Self Sufficient

Megara heals herself for X HP.

  • Megara additionally heals the linked ally.
  • Megara additionally removes a random debuff from herself or her linked ally, whichever has the most debuffs.

Yes, that’s it. All she does is heal herself. It would be much better if she healed her linked ally and removed a debuff, making Megara a much better support hero.

Silence Is Golden

Fantastic Damage :sparkles:
Megara deals X Damage to the enemy with the most skill power and silences them for 7 seconds.

  • If Megara, targets a silenced enemy with this skill, the linked ally steals one buff from the target enemy.

I know she just got her red skill that boosts this move, but I think a buff steal would be really nice for Megara to help her linked ally survive.

Deep Link

Megara grants her linked ally 50% of her basic damage and skill power.

This skill is less effective when the ally’s level is above level X.

This skill is fine.

Silent Treatment

“Silence Is Golden” additionally targets the enemy with the most energy. Silences applied by Megara also lats 4 seconds longer against silences enemies.

Buffs applied to Megara are also applied to her linked Hero. Up to 1 buffs can be applied can be applied this way every 8 seconds.

The extra target for “Silence Is Golden” has a chance to fail against enemies above level X.

+X Skill Power
+Y Armor
+Z Tenacity

  • If the target damaged by “Silence Is Golden” also has the most energy, Megara and her linked ally heal for X HP.
  • Change buffs to buff for grammar purposes.

This may be situational, but what if the enemy with the highest skill power also has the highest energy? That effect is pointless. So there needs to be an additional effect to back it up.



Driving Force

+X Basic Damage
+Y Skill Power

When Megara is KO’d, the ally she was linked with becomes invincible for 1.5 seconds per star.

  • Additionally increase the linked ally’s attack speed by 10% per star for 8 seconds.

Self explanatory


Cymbalic Monkey

+X Max HP
+Y Skill Power

+15% Disable length

  • Additionally increases the duration of disables dealt by the linked ally by 15%

Also self explanatory


Please post all feedback, and if y’all liked this refresh then I may do more

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I think the invincibility is fine and even a bit annoying at times. I think a better buff would be increasing the allies’ attack speed for a few seconds as well as the invincibility.

Other than that I really liked this refresh concept and I hope you do more :smile:.



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Much better :+1:. That would really help the linked ally gain a decent comeback.


This is my favorite thing here. Turning a practically useless disk into a pretty formidable disk.


That’s the idea :wink:

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Great Refresh Concept! Megara is one of my main heroes and I’d love to see her in the game like this!



+50% Max HP
+50% Skill Power
+50% Basic Damage

For a Damage role hero, Moana relies heavily on her basic attack. So basic damage is a stat that must increase. The skill power and Max HP will help her live longer.


Oceanic Shield

Moana shield herself, protecting her from X Damage for 6 seconds. While shielded, Moana gains 200% attack speed.

  • +25% Shield HP
  • Shield duration increased to 9 seconds

Considering most shields last a long time now, it makes Moana’s seem very weak. Increasing the duration will give her a chance to use that basic attack if hers.

Into The Fray

Normal Damage :fist:
When Moana falls below 50% HP, she jumps at the closest enemy with her oar, dealing X damage. Moana then stays in melee range, attacking with her oar for the remainder of the fight.

  • Increased damage by 25%
  • This skill also triggers if Moana is knocked back

Considering this is Moana’s only attacking move other than her basic attack, it’s kind of weak. Also, if this skill triggers when she is knocked back it will give her more chances to use it.

Love And Protection

Whenever someone on Moana’s team, including Moana herself, uses their active skill, the spirit of Moana’s grandmother heals Moana for X HP.

This effect can not trigger again while the spirit is on the screen.

  • Additionally heals the hero who used their active.

Sharing is caring :grin:


Love and Protection also grants Moana 150 energy. This effect is reduced when the ally was above level X.

  • Increase to 200 energy
  • Also grants the ally 200 energy

Sharing is still caring :grin:

Powerful Wave

When Moana is shielded from any source, her basic damage is increased by X and heals herself for 40% of the damage she deals. The basic damage bonus is doubled if Moana is below 75% of her Max HP

The heal has a chance to fail if the source of the shield is level X or higher.

  • Remove level limit

Self explanatory


Moana-Mickey Mouse

Day At The Beach

+X Max HP

Oceanic Shield also grants the shield to weakest ally that has 30% HP of the first shield

This is fine


Friends Of A Feather

+X Basic Damage

Into The Fray jumps at furthest enemy ; Into The Fray triggers when below 55% HP

This is also fine


Just replying so I can see more!

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If you’re taking requests for this can you do a Mickey?


Yes I will take requests for this, please leave them below:


Fildae: Zurg is my favorite and mightiest hero. He definitely needs a refresh

Zurg: Am I not good enough for you?



Mickey Mouse


+50% Max HP
+35% Skill Power
+35% Reality

Mickey Mouse is a hero who focuses on helping his allies deal more damage, so he needs more reality and HP in order to stay alive and help his allies more, that’s where skill power comes in.


Tooned Up

Mickey applies “Tooned Up” to all allies for 10 seconds, giving them a 50% increase to all damage done.

This has a chance to fail on allies above level X.

  • Increased damage to 100%

Self explanatory, if it has a chance to fail, it better be powerful.

Silly Symphony

Mickey conducts the ally with the least energy, granting them 300 Energy.

This has a reduced effect for allies above level X.

  • Grants the ally armor
  • Remove level limit

Vivo los aliados!

Apprentice Sorcery

Mickey casts a spell on the ally with the least HP, healing them for X HP.

  • Increased HP healed by 50%

Self explanatory

Oh Boy!

Allies with “Tooned Up” regen 30% of their Max HP over the duration of “Tooned Up”.

This effect has a chance to fail on allies above level X.

  • Increased to 50%

Self explanatory

Hot Diggity Dog

Tooned Up" also increases Mickey and his allies’ energy gain by 50%.

Apprentice Sorcery also heals allies nearby to the original ally healed for 829117 HP.

The energy gain on “Tooned Up” is reduced on allies above level 210.

Additional Stat Boosts:

+X HP healed from Apprentice Sorcery
+Y Skill Power
+Z Armor

  • Remove the level limit



Mickey Mouse - Sulley & Boo

Lettermouse Jacket

+X Skill Power

+Improved healing by 10% per star

  • Silly Symphony also gives 75 energy to the ally with the most energy per star.

What. A. Boring. Disk.

Mickey Mouse - Jack Skellington

Dark Chocolates

+X Max HP

Damage heroes on team gain X Max HP
Damage role Allies receive +10% Bonus Damage and Regen from Team Cheer and Oh Boy!

This disk is fine


Zurg: Am I a joke to you?

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