Disney game time: Trivia

This is a classic trivia game to see if you are really been paying attention. Awnser the question, get the correct anwser that all there is to it.

Question 1

Pixar is rather imfamous for hiding easter eggs. They are three most noticable ones that appeared in every one of them. Name these three easter eggs.


Pizza truck, A113, and maybe an upcoming movie?

the Pixar ball and what @LetsGetDangerousBro said

Oops forgot it lol

Do not worry about it!


In every movie, either the Pizza Planet truck, A113, and the pixar ball would appeared in every Pixar film. Can anyone tell me where A113 came from?

The place (I believe CalArts) where many animators at Pixar learned the tricks of the trade!

Correct, now for a tricky one. Which one of these easter eggs was the first one ever to be seen in a pixar film?

Toy Story?

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No, which easter egg was the first to be seen in Toy Story?

Is it one of the original 3?

The Pixar ball?

:+1: Correct. The pixar ball was first seen bouncing around the corner as the green army men were climbing up a potted plant.

Next question:

Can anyone name the three hitchhiking ghosts from the haunted mansion?

@Grim_grinning_Ghost probably knows this one!

I heard that the Pizza Planet truck didn’t appear in the Incredibles

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Gus, Ezra, Phineas


Ezra is the tall skeletal one in the middle, Phineas is the plump ghost on the left and Gus is the small prisoner on rhe right.

Is it not crashed outside a building somewhere?

That’s Incredibles 2

Next Question

What was Goofy’s orginal name?

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