Disney Heroes Balance Changes Required

We know that Perblue works tirelessly to create high quality, creative games for the community. Perblue has created Dragonsoul, the best game I have played. It also created Disney Heroes, which is a great imitation. I have been studying Perblue and Dragonsoul for 7 years, which is why I joined the Disney Heroes community. I value Perblue and the success of Disney Heroes.

However, there are two obvious flaws with Disney Heroes. These issues are the causes and results of each other. Balance Changes are quite infrequent or may be non-existent. Perblue knows that eventually they will have to balance the meta, but is not making it a current priority.

Arena is the only game mode that truly matters. Our hero teams are built centered around the Arena. The Arena has no variation. There are two reasons for these issues:

  1. There exists a small minority of highly overpowered heroes. (Example: Zeus\Pacha)
  2. There exists a great majority of heroes that are unreasonably underpowered (Example: Tigger/Flynn Rider)

The Arena and the absence of an equally important game
mode emphasizes the aforementioned issues and their causes.

The corruption of the meta and the Arena are Disney Heroes greatest flaws. We, the Disney Heroes community, know that Perblue will solve these issues.

Let us know if you have any other ideas regarding the deteriorating meta/corruption of game modes. We are interested in seeing your feedback

That’s a funny way to spell “War”…


In what way War even matters? It’s got trash rewards, the sabotages don’t make much sense nowadays and like… why?

You can live without War altogether. I’d laugh if you said that you can live without Arena and Coliseum though since you’d get pretty much nowhere without it.


You’re right rewards wise

War is the only one where you can have an idea of the real power of each hero though, so it’s better to look at war when talking about balance…


Hero and stat refreshes need to be more detailed and better done.

Besides Syndrome, no other hero that has received a stat refresh has been that good as well.


Yeah, the only two heroes who received a massive buff recently were Syndrome and Rapunzel. They shouldn’t represent the other 150+ heroes who are desperate for a buff.

She didn’t, almost as bad as she was before.

Syndrome become one of best control heroes in the game after his stat refresh.

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My best measurement for the strength of a hero is usually solo surging. And not gonna lie, it´s about 95% right.

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Honestly that’s worse than arena.
That’d mean Joy and Meg are D tier and Kermit was even when literally everyone used him

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Obviously, the heroes dealing no damage would have been treated differently.

In all seriousness though, it shows the flaws of heroes that actually deal some damage very blatantly.

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Arena provides the least clear demonstration of hero abilities. Nevertheless, the Arena is the most important mode, for our teams are built centered around it.

It’s safe to say that Zeus and Pacha are two most overpowered heroes currently. At the same time, there are many underpowered heroes like the much hated Flynn Rider.



We benefit from community recognition. Perblue and it’s followers know of the current issue, but we often choose not to prioritize it. We need balance and stability in the meta. The Arena is under stress. The corruption of the meta is directly responsible for the downfall of the Arena. We know Perblue for it’s creativity. The Arena is a failure to demonstrate this ability.

We, as the people of Disney Heroes, look forward to a day whereby the community can group together to identify issues and present them to Perblue. Perblue has always listened to player affairs and concerns. We know that they will prioritize the issues that we bring to light.

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