Disney Heroes: Battle Mode stories by Prince Tamatoa III: Episode 7b (Part 2 of 2)

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Woody and Bo Peep were on a tour around the city when on the second day, in the afternoon, Woody received a message from Gonzo. But why? Let’s find out by rewinding. :rewind::clock3::clock2::clock1: (2 hours ago…)

Episode 7b: An eventful day (Part 2)

Gonzo, Animal were at the circus in the afternoon, preparing for the performance that night. Cheshire Cat, who was nearby was an attention seeker but he never got attention in all his life so he offered to be the emcee for the show but Gonzo rejected him and said: “We already got an emcee.” “Performers?” “No more vacancies and all are performers are OK to perform.” Seeing that things weren’t going his way, (the cat was a demanding cat) he then transformed, with his body on the head. And he went berserk, making holes in the circus walls. He realised that he was definitely going to need help and he messaged Woody.

After Woody received the message, he immediately asked Bo Peep to stop playing and he informed her that Gonzo needed help. Without a word, they immediately left Pizza Planet and dashed to the circus venue. At the circus, Cheshire Cat was still uncontrollable. Woody saw what happened and went to the centre of the circle stage (spotlight) and lassoed the cat. He managed to stop rolling for now, but the lasso wasn’t enough to stop him. Soon, he started to roll again and Woody was dragged along. Woody yelped: “BO, HELP!” and Bo Peep used her staff to drag the head and pulled the cat. Finally, he was under control! The Muppets heaved a sigh of relief. Woody said: “You got a date with justice, Cheshire Cat!” Bo Peep continued: “Yeah. And NO ONE can beat Woody and I!” Cheshire Cat explained his situation and apologised for his misbehaviour. Woody responded: “I can relate to that. I had a kid, Bonnie, but she didn’t pick me to play with. But when I decided to live at the carnival with Bo, I realised that attention was not necessary. I just need a friend in me, then I can live happily.” Bo Peep agreed. Cheshire Cat offered to pay for the damage but then, Gonzo hit a brainwave. He suggested: “Why don’t you perform tonight in lieu (a replacement) of the damage u did? I can pay for it.” “Really?” “Yeah. Just promise that you won’t do this again.” He promised and they had a deal. To thank Woody and Bo Peep for their help, Gonzo offered to let them watch the performance for free and they agreed.

That night, during the performance, Miss Piggy did aerobatic stunts and so did Duke Caboom. He used his motorcycle to pass through a flaming hole. Cheshire Cat rolled on his head and he soon became the laughter source of everyone, including the emcee, Kermit. Good thing that Mike and Sulley were there for they had collected laugh canisters enough to power one part of the city.

After the performance, Bo Peep and Woody were happy that they had a chance to bond and improve their relationship. But the best of all? They left happy memories and photos of this trip, they even complied it into a scrapbook.

Everyone left, happy and satisfied.

Credits to @Grim_grinning_Ghost for the inspiration

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