Disney Heroes: Battle Mode stories by Prince Tamotoa III Episode 4

Episode 4: New friends and new faces

It was the day that the bad guys had their usual
Bad-Anon meeting. The pirates, Barbossa and Jack Sparrow just joined a few weeks ago. Zurg also joined not long ago. This week, his arcade friends went to the city and they had the meeting in the old, abandoned basement along Baker Street and Clyde hosted the meeting.

This week, the meeting was about controlling your anger. Zurg said in his robotic voice: “I WISH TO GO FIRST! WHEN I CANNOT DEFEAT BUZZ LIGHTYEAR, I WAS SUPER ANGRY! BUT NOW I REALISE THAT IT IS IMPORTANT TO BE KIND AND NOT BE ANGRY OVER SMALL THINGS.” They clapped in unison and Ralph agreed: “I once had this life where I was the bad guy. But being discriminated was not the life I wanted. But I went out there and saved a game from being plugged out. The point is, I learnt that being angry doesn’t help in anything.” Everyone nodded and clapped.

Then, the next segment was the introduction of the new members who joined. Both Maleficent and Ursula wanted to start first and the both quarreled until Ursula gave in when she saw Maleficent about to turn into a dragon. Maleficent started: “My name is Maleficent and I’m an evil fairy. I once pricked a 16 year old princess to sleep using a spinning wheel.” The villains in the room were stunned. In the meeting, there was a sharing of stories and funny jokes.

When the meeting was about to finish, they all stood up and said their mantra: "I’m bad, and that’s not good. I will never be good and that’s not bad. There’s no one else I’d rather be than me. " Meeting finished! And they left. In the process, Ralph made new friends and met new people. What’s more, everyone left, happy and satisfied.

Episode 5 Preview:
The kids are attending an event and suddenly, a mystery occurs. With only the kids and detectives in to solve it, will it be successful? What events could also happen? Await for the last episode of Disney Heroes: Battle Mode stories by Prince Tamotoa III coming this weekend!

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