Disney Heroes: Battle Mode stories by Prince Tamotoa III: Episode 5 (Finale)

Dear Forum Users, thank you for your support. I liked your responses and I’ll look over them. As the last episode, you have voted to end with a big bang. As such, I’ll be releasing the story preview today! Season 2 will premiere sometime next month. Once again, thanks for supporting me through Season 1!

Episode 5: A time loop chase (Finale)

WARNING: This episode is PG. Parental Guidance is advised for this episode.

The Parr kids, Russell, Vanellope and the triplet (Huey, Dewey, Louie) were at a party hosted by the Police precinct and the adults were away for another activity. Then suddenly, Basil, who was at the party to watch the kids, received a call from Elsa. She cried into the phone: “Basil, I need help! My ice sculptures were stolen!” Basil replied: " I’ll help you. I’ll send some cops over to the scene to investigate. Send me some clues." And they hung up. Basil told the kids to stop partying and he briefed them of Elsa’s situation. They had to go to the ice sculpture exhibition in City Center. Without hesitation, they went to take the cars that will take them to City Center.

At the scene, the kids were observing the scene very carefully. Dash found something! He called everyone to get near him and he said: “Look! Footprints!” and Violet deduced that the thief (not the creep) was a fast one and had small feet and they made a list of possible suspects.

They managed to identify the footprints to the Thief and tried to track the Thief with the help of the Police precinct’s office that had access to all the road cameras in the City. They tracked her to be at Uptown but however, they failed to catch her. They went moodily to Downtown where they would meet their parents.

However, something strange happened… They were not at Downtown. Instead they were at where they were this morning, back at the party! Huey noticed that something was amiss. He then said: “Don’t you guys think it’s strange? All of this happening again?” The rest dismissed it as dejà vu. But when Baker received the call, they then realised that this wasn’t reality. Huey wondered why so he flipped his guidebook for any clues as to why they were back at the party. And he found words magically written on the blank pages of his guidebook and exclaimed while reading the text: “I got it! It says here that all mistakes can be prevented or reversed! One big mistake changes everything.” They then realised that they were in a time loop! The kids then agreed to split the work as they already knew the mission at hand. Dash went to tell Basil that they were leaving to help Elsa, the kids were in the cars, waiting for Dash while discussing on how this time loop concept works. Violet pondered: “Mistakes can be reversed” and "One mistake changes everything, what message is it trying to send? And she figured it out. They went back to the crime scene where Elsa was and they agreed to split up to find more clues. This time, they managed to find a water trail leading to outside the doors of the exhibition venue to the street. At the police precinct, they found a map and marked out the venue of the exhibition and tried to find which possible route the Thief used and based on the route, determine where her hideout was. Vanellope watched the cameras with Russell while the rest were using trial and error to determine the possible routes. They then managed to locate her to be at the Oceanside instead. Dash dashed out of the office, with a walkie-talkie they found in the office as well. Vanellope went over the radio and said: “Dash. Her location is near the ports. I’ll try to find any nearly allies if any. If not, I’ll send Violet over to help. Over.” Dash replied: “Got it. I’ll send some clues over if I see any.” After 5mins of searching the Ports, Dash found more footprints leading to South Uptown. He then managed to apprehend the Thief and find the hideout. They then cheered and happily went to downtown.

However, they still didn’t reach downtown but back to square one. They then knew they had a mistake but they already caught the thief. Where did it go wrong? In the car, they were wondering where. They realised that they didn’t return the ice sculptures to Elsa and that they also didn’t return the equipment that they used to its original place. They then had to go through the whole process again, but after they completed their mission, they returned the equipment they used. And it worked! They were at Downtown and they reunited with their parents. They heaved a sigh of relief: This is reality! Finally!

After the party was over, Chief Logo explained to them why all of this happened. He said: “Here at the Police department, we make sure we don’t miss out any details in a case otherwise, we could be punished. That’s why no detail is missed out.” To acknowledge their efforts, Mr. Incredible and Elastigirl offered to bring everyone for dinner and that’s they’ll be paying for it. The kids cheered with a “Yay!”.

Everyone left, happy and satisfied.

Credits to @Magica_de_scary for the story plot.

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