Disney Heroes: Battle Mode stories by Prince Tamotoa III: Episode 7a (Part 1 of 2)

Episode 7a: A date with Bo Peep

Ever since the carnival life, Woody and Bo Peep reunited. But after entering the City, they could not find time to bond with each other.

At the 2nd Ave Station, Woody came across a poster saying that there is a 1 day 2 nights tour of the city with experiences and asked Bo Peep if she was free the next weekend to join and she agreed. On the first day, the two, along with other couples set off to the famous Chez Remy restaurant at Sunset Bay by train. The two ordered their signature set course and while waiting for the food to be served, Woody said: “How’s everything?”
Bo Peep answered: "The sheep have been a bit naughty. I sent them to a farm so that we could meet up. I also joined a farm and now I feed animals, train them. " Woody replies: “Interesting.” He then described the itinerary. They’ll first have a dinner, followed by a theatre show. And tomorrow morning, they’ll visit the islands off the coast and afternoon, they’ll go to Pizza Planet before ending the day with a circus show by the Muppets. After enjoying the delicious food served by Linguini and Remy, they headed to the theatre in high spirits and with a full stomach. And the two rested at a high class hotel in the City Center.

The next day, the two explored the islands and had a fun time at Pizza Planet, eating pizza while winning prizes at the games. The last activity was the circus performance. But at the arcade, Woody received a message from Gonzo, saying that he needed help with the circus. But why?

To be continued…

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