Disney Heroes: Behind the "Movies" by Prince Tamatoa III: Episode 2

Hey there folks, I’m @Prince_Tamatoa_III, here with another behind the “Movies” episode. Today, we’re reviewing one big mistake, and interviews from the guests and Vanellope in Episode 5.

Bloopers: I just realised that my editor misspelled my name in all of my previous episodes. I had to go and edit some of it. Lol.

Interviews :studio_microphone:

What is one thing that you wish you could repeat?

Dash: Holidays!
Vanellope: Really? I’d rather do Slaughter Race
Dash: Nice.

Louie: Being lazy and getting money.
Russell: Going on wilderness adventures.

Producer: Then what about things you don’t want to repeat?

Dash: School
Vanellope: Doing the same boring things

How was it like now that you experienced being a police officer?

Dash: Probably harder than I thought
Vanellope: It was cool!

Dewey: Adventurous!

OK, that’s all the time we have. Tune in for the next episode coming soon! Bye!

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