Disney Heroes: Infection

Hello! Welcome to a new story called “Disney Heroes: Infection”. In this story, well, read the name twice if you would like to find out the story.

I got the first few chapters down as of December, 19. But I’ll be uploading them every once in a while. Welcome to Infection.

Chapter 1: Where Are We?

It was Day 1 of the pull. Several of thousands of people were brought into this city. The city had several building and hidden areas. Whoever it was that brought them here had brought them for unknown purposes.
“So what is this place?” Vannelope asked
“I dunno, kid.” Ralph responded
Ralph and Vannelope were on a rooftop, with Felix, Calhoun and Shank.
“So, Felix, where do you think we are? Or Shank? I know you got a way with the wifey.”
“Wi-fi,” Shank corrected “And no, I don’t know of an area like this.”
Ralph and the others were unsure of what to do. They weren’t sure if they should stay on the rooftop or get off and look for anybody else.
“Well, what do we do now?” Ralph asked
“Calm down, Wreck-it. We need to plan a recon to get down from here. This is a high building.” Calhoun said
Ralph stood in thought, thinking
I got it! Ralph thought
“No strategy needed.” Ralph said
Ralph started pounding the rooftop so that it became a slide of bricks, allowing them to climb down.
Ralph and the others had just climbed down from the rooftop, and were ready to explore this new area that they were in.
“Everyone, scout for potential shelters! Move, move, move!” Calhoun ordered
They all started to walk around, looking for possible “homes”.
“Felix, where do you think we are?” Ralph asked
“Well, I have no idea. I was at the nicelanders building and I was leaving the party. But as soon as I waved ‘goodbye’, I turned to face the hallway but then there I was. With you all. So I have no idea. Maybe ask Shank. She knows all about that internet stuff.” Felix explained
“I would, but she didn’t have an answer.” Ralph said
But then an unknown voice was heard out of nowhere. It was hard to see where they were, as the shadows were covering them.
“Who are you guys?” The voice asked
Ralph and the group looked at each other, curiously.
Shank stepped up “Who are you?
The figure stepped out of the darkness, to reveal a rabbit,
“Judy Hopps, at your service!” Judy said “Now that I explained who I am, who are you?”
“I’m Shank. Short-stuff wearing the blue cap is Felix. Big guy is Ralph. The kid over there, Vannelope. And her over there,” Shank pointed thumb at Calhoun “That’s Calhoun.”
Names to learn, new people to meet. Judy thought.

Chapter 2: A New Home

It’s been a day and seven hours since Ralph and the group met Judy. Throughout this whole time, they haven’t been able to find a home that is livable. They find shelters but they’re too small or they’re not safe. It’s been a long day.
“We must keep on going,” Calhoun stated “We must not give up.”
But out of the blue, a shelter had appeared. And this was no sell-it-for-a-penny shelter, this was a top quality shelter.
“Woah!” Vannelope yelled
“We should have this be our shelter!” Ralph exclaimed
“It seems a bit fishy… Because as long as I remember, this wasn’t here when I was looking over the city on the roof.” Calhoun said
“I agree,” Judy said “It is a bit fishy. I didn’t see this either.”
The group wasn’t sure of what to do. They thought it too good to be true. It usually is always too good to be true.
“All good! Surprisingly, it’s actually clear. No booby traps or anyone inside. However, I did find someone. Looks like we’re going to have to share a house.” Judy said.
Judy has stepped to the side, allowing the character to step out of the shadows.
“I knew they would do this.” He said
“No, Beast, don’t worry. They just don’t know.”
Beast responded with a moan
“I am the Beast, at your service,” Beast stepped aside, to show the door. “Welcome home.”
“Interesting,” Calhoun said “So, Mr. Beast…”
“Please, just call me ‘Beast’.” Beast interrupted
“Ok, Beast. When did you get here?” Calhoun asked
“Well, I had gotten here, well, perhaps about five hours ago.” Beast responded
The group were inside the house, and were setting down the items that they had, which wasn’t really much.
“Nice home you got here, Beast!” Felix stated
“Why, thank you. I only had this for a couple of hours.” Beast responded, with a smile and a “Thank You”. They were making themselves at home, getting to know each other, having a gay time, and exchanging names. It finally looks like it was getting better. But like it has been said, the best parties always end early.

Chapter 3: Home Invasion


Ruins. Ruins of a perfect home. Gone. Destroyed.

“RUN!” Judy yelled
“PURGE THE ERRORS!” A creep yelled
“Kid, get over here!” Ralph ordered
They were all scrambling to get out. The Beast scratched at them, killing one and severely injuring three of them. Ralph has knocked the lights out of one, everyone had taken part in the beating, but they were outnumbered. They were seven. The creeps were tripled in numbers.
“Go for the door!” Felix
Everyone had found a way out. Beast jumped out a window, Ralph smashed through a wall with Vannelope, and Shank, she ran out the door. Calhoun was nowhere to be seen. Felix was running towards the door, but the then the building collapsed.
“Oh no.” Felix whispered
“Felix!” A voice yelled
“Calhoun?” Felix asked
“Follow my voice!” Calhoun ordered
Felix started running towards Calhoun, knocking a few creeps out of the way, even killing one by smashing into one with his shoulder. But then he finally got to Calhoun.
“Oh, Felix. What do we do now?” Calhoun asked
“We have to get out! What are we going to do!” Felix yelled
Felix started to hyperventilate, thinking but also panicking
“I’ll do it.” Calhoun said
“Do what?” Felix asked
“Move to the door.” Calhoun ordered
They started to crawl to the door, dodging a few creeps along the way. But then-
“PURGE THE ERRORS!” A creep yelled
A creep grabbed Calhoun’s leg, tripping her.
“Oof!” Calhoun yelled. “Let go!” Calhoun aimed her gun at the creep, shooting it in the forehead, dropping her leg and falling to the floor.
Calhoun’s legs, however, were slowly transforming into a dark color of what it’s supposed to be. Calhoun took notice.
“Honey, I don’t have much time left,” Calhoun urged, holding Felix’s shoulder “Go with Ralph.”
“Go. I’ll cover you.”
Felix started walking towards the exit, with Calhoun blasting at creeps in the way. But there were still so many creeps. They overpowered her, leaving to her falling to the floor.
“Go! Just go!” Calhoun commanded.
Felix, with a depressing and regretful look on his face, turned towards the door and dashed outside.
“Felix, what happened!” Ralph asked
Felix fell to his knees.
“Everything.” Felix whispered
Everyone looked at each other, wondering what he meant.
“Where’s Calhoun?” Judy asked
“Gone,” Felix was practically crying now “She was taken.”
“We can save her!” Ralph yelled. He started walking towards the door
Felix stopped in front of him, stopping Ralph

“It’s no use,” Felix cried. "SHE’S GONE!

Chapter 4: Meeting New Friends

The pile of bricks that used to be home was destroyed. Everyone was recovering from Calhoun’s loss. Felix had the hardest time.
“It’ll get better, bud.” Ralph assured Felix
Felix sighed. “I guess so. I hope it will.”
The group were on the move. Again. Looking for a home. Felix had no motivation. He just couldn’t move. So Ralph carried him. A puff of smoke started to appear, behind a couple of buildings.
“Hey, look!” Vannelope shouted, pointing at the smoke.
Suddenly, Felix rose up.
“W-We should follow it! It could be others!” Felix hesitantly said.
The group started to follow the smoke, hurrying, as they did not want to miss it. But as they were running, a red laser shot at them, nearly missing them.
“Halt! Who goes there?” The mysterious figure questioned.
The person wasn’t seen because of the sun hitting him from behind, preventing the group from seeing it.
The figure pressed his hand against his chest, allowing wings to fly out from his back. After this, he flew towards the group.
“I am Buzz Lightyear. Who are you?” Buzz asked

After introductions, Buzz led them to his group, which was three people, including him.
“Well, howdy!” Woody walked forward. “I’m Woody. Nice to meet you.” Woody shakes hands with Ralph and his group. Woody stepped to the side to introduce their third member.
“This is Wall-E,” Woody continued. “He’s a robot who cleans and helps us against the creeps.”
“Waaallll-E!” Wall-E enthusiastically said
“Hello Wall-E!” Vannelope said, she was walking towards it, fascinated. Vannelope patted him, with Wall-E, still happily exclaiming, “Oooooo!”
“Hey, Buzz! Watch the area!” Woody asked
“Sure thing, Woody.” Buzz responded
Woody moved on to show them ther camp, showing off the kitchen area and sleeping areas.
“It really ain’t much. It’s just me, Buzz and Wall-E. And now there’s you guys, which is seven of you.” Woody mentioned
But then, suddenly, an explosion came.


Woody gasped “Oh no!”
Buzz came down to them, “I saw where the explosion came from. Let’s go!” Buzz stated
The group followed Buzz, hoping to find out what caused the explosion.
“Let’s just hope we get there in time.” Judy decided

Chapter 5: Lost and Found

The explosion eradicated several districts and demolishing near-by buildings. Anything in the radius of 5 miles were in ruins.
“Hey, Woody, I’m going to fly above the explosion to see if anyone was there, or maybe if anything is left.” Buzz insisted
Buzz ejected his wings, preparing to fly. Taking flight, ever so silently, something shot Buzz’s wings.
“Woah, woah!” Buzz exclaimed in distress
Buzz flipped open his wrist Walkie-talkie, in hopes to talk to Woody and the group.
“Woody! Wall-E! Anyone! I’m falling! Mayday!”
“Hey, Buzz is talking to us,” Woody took out his walkie. He was letting the walkie speak, but all that came out were static
“What is he saying?” Ralph asked “He’s trying time say something… We just need to find out what…”
“Ever since Buzz, Jessie, and I got here, his communicator was busted!”
“Well, we should go after him! See what happened!” Ralph said
The group started to run towards the blast site, hoping to find Buzz.

“Aaaah!” Buzz screamed
Buzz covered his face with his hands, hoping it would do something, maybe even prevent a little damage.

Ok, soldier. These are your last seconds. Buzz thought
Buzz was frightened, and since he’s technically not a toy, he’ll be able to feel it.
But suddenly,
“What…?” Buzz was puzzled. Next thing he knew, he was tied in a rope.
“This rope…!” Buzz yelled
Buzz trued to untangle it but he was unsuccessful. But then he came loose, and was greeted by a fox.
“Hey there, lad! Robin Hood t’ you! Saw that shot at your wings! Nasty one too! What’s your name?” Robin Hood asked
“Buzz. Buzz Lightyear.” Buzz said, holding out his hand to shake for Robin to shake it.
Robin Hood shook it, but before Buzz could say anything, Robin Hood started telling Buzz about himself, how he was a “thief” and how he saved Nottingham and married to Lady Marian and so on and so on…
“So there I was! At the top of the castle being chased by guards!” Robin Hood said
“Umm… Robin Hood…?” Buzz interrupted
“And then I jumped into the lak- oh, what, huh? Yes?” Robin Hood asked
“I travel with others. My radio had been busted ever since we got here so I can’t talk to my group the greatest. But they can. I can receive what they’re saying, but it all depends on where they’re at!” Buzz said
Buzz flipped his wrist radio and speaker into it, trying to contact Woody or Wall-E or Felix, but all there was was static.
“Blast this radio!” Buzz shouted “I have to fix this later…”
“Oo! I know a way to spot your friends!” Robin Hood said
Robin Hood shot an arrow to the rooftops of a building, grabbing Buzz with him and they landed on the roof.
“Just look around! See if you can find them.” Robin Hood said
While looking, Buzz saw the bulletshot on his wings, and noticed that the bulletshot left a dark imprint, with vein-like lines starting to creep out of the hole.
Buzz groaned, feeling sad while also feeling bitter anger.
Buzz looked at the horizon, searching for his friends. Buzz didn’t see anything, except wrecked buildings and smokey skies. Buzz looked down in disappointment, saddened that he will not see his friends today. Or ever.
“Don’t worry, lad.” Robin Hood said, putting his hand on Buzz’s shoulder “Keep your chin up. Somehow, It’ll get better.”

Side stories:

Chapter 1A: The Voice

“Status report” the voice said
“The group of eight is fine. I shot the flying one. They now have no way of air travel.” The soldier reported
The voice laughed crazily
“Good,” The man asked “Where did you shoot him?”
“On the left wing,” the soldier said “He went spiraling down like an airplane.”
“Ok, then,” The man nodded his head thinking, “You can go now.”
The soldier had walked away, into the darkness. The silhouette of a man got off his chair and paced across the room, left with a question.
The man sat down on his throne.
It’s not supposed to the wing! He thought
“Get me that soldier, now.” The voice said to a device on his arm.
The soldier walked back to the man.
“Yes, Sir?” The soldier asked
The silhouetted man got up, and walked around the soldier, very slowly. The soldier was mighty afraid of what the big guy would do to him.
“Umm… Sir?” The soldier asked
Very quickly and violently, the man threw his hand at the soldiers neck.
“Did you infect the one known as ‘Buzz Lightyear’?” The voice asked
The man chocked, “N-No…”
His hand gripped harder, having the soldier’s leg shaking, struggling to escape his grasp.
“You were supposed to infect him!” He yelled, “You were supposed to shoot him in the spine! Not his wings!”
The soldiers legs became lifeless, dangling from his hand.
“You follow my orders or death comes.” The man said
He dropped the soldier on to the floor.
“None shall defy my rule! Whoever brought these people here, I want them dead! I want them all my soldiers!” The man said
He walked back to his throne, putting his arms on the armrest, laughing.
Get me Calhoun.” He commanded

Ralph (Not Infected) :muscle: First appearance: Chapter 1
Vannelope (Not Infected) :lollipop:First Appearance: Chapter 1
Felix (Not Infected) :hammer: First Appearance: Chapter 1
Calhoun (Infected) :anger:First Appearance: Chapter 1
Shank (Not Infected) :racing_car:First Appearance: Chapter 1
Judy (Not Infected) :rabbit:First appearance: Chapter 1
The Beast (Not infected) :rose: First appearance: Chapter 2
Woody (Not infected) :cowboy_hat_face: First appearance: Chapter 4
Buzz (Not infected) :rocket: First Appearance: Chapter 4
Wall-E (Not infected) :mechanical_arm: First Appearance: Chapter 4
Robin Hood (Not infected) :dart: First appearance: Chapter 5
Villain: The Silhouetted man :bust_in_silhouette: First appearance: Chapter 1A
Note: Once someone is infected, they can’t be un-infected.

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