Disney Heroes & Sorcerer's Arena

I am looking for a Guild/Club that is actively playing both Disney Heroes & Sorcerer’s Arena. I realize that as they are being developed by two different companies they wouldn’t have any affect on each other, but it would be nice to play with the same people.


Same, no clubs interact with their members like my guild in Disney heroes, I like both games but I wish I can find a good club

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A few other Regulars and I made a club, Guardians of Battle, if you’re interested. We aren’t all in one guild in DH:BM, though.


If there’s enough people interested I could start a club in both game with the same name, something like Sorcerer’s Heroes of Disney Battle Arena

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If their are enough spots tomorrow I can join.


Of course. “Guardians of Battle”. It’s ruled by @LilRubyKinz

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I predicting a Disney game rivalry coming on.

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I doubt it. Maybe friendly competition?

Well, either way, it wouldn’t top the Mario vs Sonic

Um… that’s kind of random… but ok.


I don’t get it.

What do you not get? I can explain.

Arendelle DH is looking for members in SA

No way the 2 games would reach rivaly off mario and sonic disney sorcerer s arena just got launched and it doesnt have features like this game no invasion coliseum city watch and heist

Yay the whole team together!


I’ll just put Disney Historians here if anyone is still looking for a club in SA :slightly_smiling_face:

I would join the regulars but I’m in The lion dens, Number 1# guild

Not me, after watching a trailer. :no_mouth:

It’s a shame that Disney’s saturating the market, we don’t need another game of the same genre starring the same characters.

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