Disney Heroes: The Telltale Series

Welcome to the Disney Telltale Series! The Telltale series is a story where the audience will make choices as the main character, Troy. The story is set within a reality in which all the Disney movies were cursed to lose their happy endings. With life set in a different way now, Troy travels through the five kingdoms to recruit allies and complete his quest. But who can he trust, and who will hurt him in the end? That is up to you all to help him decide! Make moral choices, skill choices, and relationship choices in this ~30 chapter long series.

How to play: Some of the storyline will be shown, along with a poll at the end. Read through the story and make a choice at the end. Your choices will impact what happens next within the story. As for details, those will be explained within the story. A new poll will come out every 24 hours.

Rules to rememeber: People leave in different timezones, so just because you’ve already read it doesn’t mean they have. Be considerate. No swearing, no fighting, please don’t use alts for votes, but if you want to debate your reasoning for the choice, by all means go ahead. If you have questions, feel free to ask. There’s way to many Disney characters to include them all, but we have quite a large number of them within the story.

Creators: Special thanks to @Scarlet_Captain for coming up with the idea. @Imagineer_V, @lrrer_Minnie and I all have helped write this story.

Thanks for reading and voting, enjoy the story! :grin:


Chapter 1: Agrabah

You wander in the desert outside the capital city of Agrabah following tracks as the wind picks up blowing scalding sand into your face. You squeeze your eyes shut, then pull your cloak closer around you as the wind attempts to strip you of your shelter from the relentlessly blazing sun.

As you crest a sand dune, you notice a tall man wrapped in a cloak. As he notices you, he rips a Saber from his scabbard.

???: "Well well now, aren’t you far from home, little rat?

You: I am…
Tutorial: This is your first choice, and will choose your origin and first skills. Skills will be used throughout the story and are guaranteed to award experience. Unsure which to vote for? Which skills will be most useful to you?

Charisma: Your ability to get people to do what you ask.
Manners: Your knowledge of people and their customs and how to follow them.
Strength: Your ability to use brute force.
Weapon Knowledge: Your knowledge of different weapons, how to use them, and how to dismantle
Agile: Your ability to dodge and get to places that a monkey could.
Cunning: Your street smarts and avility to deceive people.

Dueling: Your ability to use a sword.
Heavy Weaponry: Your ability to use bigger weapons such as axes, spears, even cannons.
Hand to Hand: Your ability to use your body as a weapon.

Choose wisely between your starter skills, and remember you will be able to unlock more later.

  • Not a rat, I am a nobel. (Unlocks Charisma and Manners, fighting skill: Dueling
  • Not a rat, I was a city guard. (Unlocks Strength and Weapon Knowledge, Fighting skill: Heavy Weaponry
  • A rat so good, your pockets will be picked before you can say a thing. (Unlocks Agile and Cunning, Fighting Skill: Hand to Hand)

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You: I am not a rat, I am a nobel.

Charisma Unlocked.
Manners Unlocked.
Dueling Unlocked.

Your life in the court has taught you many useful things, such as how to smooth talk, and the tradition and mannerisms of all the people of all the kingdoms.

???: Well I couldn’t care less who you are, just hand me your pouch of gold and I’ll let you be on your way.

Tutorial: Skill choices are choices that award experience. There will always be at least two ways to get experience from them. Using the choice that requires a skill is a guaranteed means to get experience. Collect experience to level up and unlock more skills.

If you do not have the skill required, that choice cannot be used.

  • I will talk my way out (Charisma)
  • I will trick him (Cunning)
  • I will show a display of strength (Strength)

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You: Now, now, what good would it be for you to rob a nobel? As a result, you would have people coming after you. It’s a dangerous world, and you don’t seem like someone who has the connections to make it out.

The would be thief stares at you for a long moment, and for a second you fear that he will attack you, but he relents a moment later.

???: Eh, you ain’t worth my time.

+10 Experience
Experience [10/50]

Tutorial: You get experience by using your skills, making good choices or defeating enemies. Collect enough to level up and unlock more skills. The new skill you unlock will be chosen through a poll.

The thief slowly walks past you at arms reach, and then continues on. You watch him slowly make his way toward Agrabah before turning back to your tracking.

Within another hour, the tracks have been covered by the wind’s spewing sand. Having failed at your task, you make the trudge back to Agrabah and enter the city.

Agrabah, the capital of the Kingdom of Reality is still in chaos from the overthow of the old monarchy. The old Sultan was not particularly well liked, many called him incompetent. Still, for you, it is hard adjust to this Sultan. You father had the trust of the previous Sultan, but now this one had killed your parents and left you in charge of the house, and under close observation.

You drag yourself into your silent dwelling, now barren of all the servants that used to bustle around and wait on your family. You stagger into a plush chair and sigh audibly.

???: Long day, huh, Master Troy?

You glance up at your only servant, a young hunchbacked named Quasimodo, you call him Quaz for short. Despite his disfigurement, he and you are close friends. If being a servant didn’t protect him from death, you’d have had him freed years ago.

You: Come on, Quaz, if I told you once, I told you a thousand times, don’t call me master. It makes me feel old.

Quaz: And I’ve told you each time, I like calling you master. Now, given your sad demeanor, I guess that you didn’t find what you are looking for.

  • No, it’s hopeless!
  • No, but I’ll find it eventually.

0 voters

You: No, but I’ll find it eventually.

Quaz: Of course you will, Master Troy. Your optimism is something more people need!

Quaz Favor +5

Tutorial: When interacting with people, you sometimes have chances to earn favor from them. Throughout the story, there will be Favor Tests, where your relationship status with different people will have consequences. There are three different types of favor. Favor with companions, Favor with big allies, and Favor with small allies. Depending on what type the person is, there Favor tests will have differengt consequences. Try to stay on good terms with as many people as you can.

You: I hope so Quaz.

You sigh tiredly before Quaz hands you a letter.

You: What’s this?

Quaz :grin:: A letter from the palace. Most likely His Majesty Twisted Chin wants to be suspicious of you in his presence.

You: Quaz!

Quaz :grin:: Well, I’m not wrong, am I?

You: No, I suppose not, but…if he heard you talk about him like that…you’d probably wind up dead.

Quaz :grin:: All right, All right, I’ll try to speak with more respect for pur majesty. Meanwhile, I’ve already drawn up your bath, go and wash the desert off your skin, then eat.

You: Okay, Okay I’m going.

You spend ten minutes in a large wooden tub filled with cold river water and soap, and scrub the gritty desert dirt off your skin. After finishing, you eat an apple for dinner and head towards the palace.

Market stalls line the road, and beggars ask for coin to buy food for themselves. You offer a couple coins to one young mother nearly overwhelmed with the guilt that it would hardly make a dent in the hungry beggars within Agrabah. You soon here the cries of guards chasing a thief. A young woman leaps over a barrel and slides beneath a camel before running into you, you feel a tug on your belt, and look down in time to see her lifting the money bag from your waist.

  • Grab the money bag from her hand. (Requires Agility)
  • Let her take it
  • Protest

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The guards are persuing this thief. A nice loud protest will surely help them keep after her. You don’t encourage stealing, and you certainly cannot afford to let her just take it.

You: Hey! Stop thief!

The woman offers a sly smile as she continues past you with a grin. Your protest did bring the guards, and they rush past you and after her. You sigh. Even if they catch her, you doubt very much they’d return your gold to you. It’s best to continue on without it.

The Doormen let you in when they see you approach and you slowly shuffle through the massive doors before they slam behind you, leaving you in a courtyard.

As you make your way up the steps, a young man in a garish suit and baggy pants comes out of the palace. You bump shoulders and he turns around to stare at you, raising an eyebrow expectantly.

  • Apologize (Requires Manners)
  • Ignore him
  • Wait for him to apologize

0 voters

You dip your head down and close your eyes.

You: My apology

???: Heh, don’t worry about it.

The man grinned then turned on heel and walked away.

+10 Experience
Experience [20/50]

*You mull over how nice it is that a simple apology can stop an argument in the making. You shrug, and then turn back to the palace. Upon entering, you are swiftly ushered into the throne room. You roll your eyes at the massive golden elephant head the throne is carved to. Sultan Jafar sprawls out on throne, resting one arm on a golden tusk armrest, the other arm idly tapping a snake staff against the floor.

Jafar :raised_hand:: Ah, Troy! What have you been up too? Planning an overthrow? Plotting an assassination?

  • I’ve been making myself useful and checking on weapon supplies. (Requires Weapon Knowledge)
  • Just been trying to make ends meet.
  • I’d think by now you’d know I’m not out to get you.

0 voters

You: Just trying to make ends meet.

Jafar :raised_hand:: Ha! That must be a lot tougher without your servants. Oh, except the old Hunchback.

You refuse to take the bait, knowing he just wishes to rile you up. You keep a calm tone as you respond.

You: His name is Quasimodo.

Jafar :raised_hand:: I am well aware. You know, in any case, I am greatly impressed with your effort to show loyalty to me.

+20 Jafar Favor
Jafar now likes you.

Tutorial: Jafar is your first potential major Ally. Allies have their own Favor Test, but you have a shorter time frame to complete it and they usually only have one.

You: Thank you, Sultan.

+10 Experience
Exprience: [30/50]

Jafar :+1:: I wouldn’t thank me just yet. I see your deeds as helpful, but there is a final element needed. There is a cunning young thief whose been stealing from the palace. Assist my thief hunter and catch her. Bring her back to me…alive, or dead.

You: And then the property of my parents will be restored?

Jafar :+1:: Correct. It is a simple task.

  • If it is so simple, why haven’t you done it?
  • Where is your thief hunter?

0 voters

You: Where is your thief hunter?

Jafar: Ah, right to business. I can even appreciate that about your father.

+5 Jafar Favor

You clench your teeth at his snide remark, but no better than to argue with him.

Jafar :raised_hand: : Aladdin will be waiting for you in the market center. Off you go.

In another minute, you exit the Palace and head towards the market, preparing to meet the thief catcher, Aladdin.

Chapter Summary:

Quasimoto: [55/100] :smile:

Jafar: [25/50] :+1:

Chapter 2:Betrayal

Character Status:

Quasimoto: [55/100] :smile:

Jafar: [25/50] :+1:

Experience: [30/50]


Charisma: Unlocked
Manners: Unlocked
Agile: Locked
Cunning: Locked
Strength: Locked
Weapon Knowledge: Locked

Dueling: Unlocked
Hand to Hand: Locked
Heavy weaponry: Locked

Discovered Kingdom skills:


You step into the market square, stalls line the edges and trash litters the ground. A garish fountain sprinkles water cheerfully. Against the marble of the foundation, the man who left the palace before you leans.

You: I presume you are Aladdin, then?

Aladdin?: That’s me. Jafar told me a bit about you, but quite frankly, I am not so sure that you are cut out for this kinda thing.

Tutorial: Do not assume that characters you meet won’t be future allies or partners, interactions now may be considered by them if they officially join you.

  • Give me a chance to show you.
  • Please, I could do better on my own.

0 voters

You: Give me a chance to show you.

Aladdin: Eh, alright, but you better not slow me down.

That was surprisingly easy to convince him.

+10 experience
Experience [40/50]

Aladdin: So, since you have no street experience, I think we can use you as bait.

Aladdin hands you a heavy sack of coin. After this, he crouches down in the dirt and begins drawing out a map of Agrabah.

Aladdin: I’ve narrowed down her resident to these four city blocks. We’re gonna get this dang princess.

You: Princess?

Aladdin: Yup, she is the Sultan’s daughter. Once she is dead, Jafar’s rule will be dominant.

  • And you are okay with that?
  • Then we best make sure to get her

0 voters

You: And you are okay with that?

Aladdin: Hey, I’ve worked my way up from streetrat, to thief catcher by working for Jafar. If he wants something done, I’ll do it. But I’ll be sure to tell him of your hesitation.

-2 Jafar Favor

Aladdin: In any case, let’s get to finding her. Off you go, be the bait.

Aladdin gently pushes you away from the fountain before taking off himself.

You slowly walk through the market, mind whirling from the news. The Sultan’s daughter, Jasmine, is the thief you are trying to catch. If she got the guard on her side, she could possibly claim the throne for herself. However, you’ve worked so hard gaining Jafar’s trust, and this is the home stretch. Perhaps catching her is the best you can do.

A young woman catches the hem of your garment. You look down at her kneeling there, her face is smeared with dirt.

???: Please sir, can you spare a few coins?

  • Give her some gold.
  • Brush her off.

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You hand her several of the gold coins, and she bows her head graciously.

???: Thank you, sir.

You: You are welcome.

You absentmindly continue down the street, eyes peeled for any sign of the Princess. You slowly turn into a side street, fully aware of how hidden you are from the main street. The young beggar woman you met before slowly amples down the street towards you.

You glance at her face again, this time studying it. From your nobel birth, you have met the princess, and this just could be her! She must have seen your eyes flicker with recognition, because she charges for you a moment later, a knife drawn.

+10 experience
Experience [50/50]

Level Up!

Tutorial: Choose a new skill to unlock.

  • Strength
  • Agility
  • Cunning
  • Weapon Knowledge
  • Hand-to-hand
  • Heavy Weaponry

0 voters

Cunning Unlocked

You glance around swiftly as she charges, you have to disarm her long enough to speak with her.

  • Parry her blow. (Requires Dueling)
  • Knock the dagger from her hand (Requires hand to hand)
  • Catch the dagger in a wooden plank (Requires Heavy Weaponry)

0 voters

You swiftly draw your sword and catch the dagger against your blade before twirling it out of her grasp.

+50 Experience
Experience: [50/500]

Despite losing her blade, Jasmine does not miss a beat, instead elbowing you hard in the stomach. As you fall to the ground heaving, she rips the coin bag from around your belt and books it out of the alley.

You quickly pull yourself to your feet and give chase, but she has an obvious head start. You lose sight of her in the crowd but fight your way through none the less.

After reaching the edge of the mass of people, you glance around before finally seeing her leap across a rooftop.

  • Hoist yourself onto a roof (requires Strength)
  • Climb crates to the roof (requires Agile)
  • Look for a flight of stairs.

0 voters

You scan the area for a means to climb onto the roof. It is rather inconvenient, but you soon find a ladder. You climb up the ladder, chiding yourself for wasting so much time. You glance around from your new vantage point and see her sitting down on a distant rooftop.

You take off after her, carefully jumping from roof to roof. Evidently she didn’t anticipate you getting up here, because you catch her staring at you surprised. Before she can get up, you have already pulled up next to her. You have six seconds to convince her not to run before she starts running.

  • Convince her to stay (Requires Charisma)
  • Make a joke
  • Ask her to wait

0 voters

You: Ma’am, I have a proposition for you, and it’d be really nice if you’d wait long enough to hear it.

*Jasmine’s eyes darted around again as she hesitated. For a moment, you fear she will bolt, but instead, she slowly folds her arms and offers you as cold a stare as she can muster.

Jasmine: Well let’s hear it…and haven’t I seen you before?

+50 Experience

You: Yes, my father was a noble, your father trusted him?

Jasmine: Oh yes, then Jafar has taken as much from you as he has from me.

You: That’s right.

Jasmine: Word out here is you are trying to get into Jafar’s good graces. Is that true?

You: Being in Jafar’s good graces is always a good thing.

Jasmine: I suppose…So, are you here to help me reclaim the throne then? I’ve been stealing gold for bribes, and to cause dissent among the people. With your in with Jafar, perhaps we stand a chance.

You mull it over slowly. Going against Jafar now is risky, it would be easiest to deliver her to Aladdin and get your place back. However, if you were to put her back on the throne, it would prove to be most lucrative in a variety of ways.

Tutorial: Companions are characters with multiple favor tests. Along with Quaz, you will pick up other companions as you continue your journey. Choose your companion well as this choice will impact what happens here in Agrabah, and perhaps what happens later on as well.

  • I plan to help Jasmine reclaim her throne. (Unlock Jasmine as a companion.)
  • I plan to turn her in. (Unlock Aladdin as a companion.)

0 voters

You: Yes, I’m in. We have to do this carefully, and it might take time, but we can pull this off.

Jasmine is now your partner.
Jasmine now likes you.

Jasmine :slightly_smiling_face:: I know this will take time, but it is nice to have someone else to assist me. The main problem I currently have is how to take him down.

Tutorial: Your background will decide the means which you attempt to bring down Jafar, but it will not affect the success or failure of the mission.

  • We’ll get the city guard to depose him (Guard origin)
  • We’ll get the nobles and leaders of the other cities to depose him. (Nobel origin.)
  • We’ll rally the people to depose him. (Thief origin)

0 voters

You: Jafar may be the Sultan of the kingdom, but he has rulers spread throughout the land. Your father put them in place, and Jafar realized the chaos of attempting to break down those rulers. If they all banded together, with the motivation from coin, Jafar will have to step down.

Jasmine :slightly_smiling_face:: Sounds like a plan.

+5 Jasmine Favor

You spend a couple hours a day writing letters and smuggling them out of Agrabah by bribing traders. You still continue your trips into the desert in an attempt to avoid suspicion, but evidently Aladdin has told Jafar about your lack of progress, which lowers you in his eyes.

-10 Jafar Favor

At the same time however, Jasmine is immensely grateful for all of your assistance.

+10 Jasmine Favor

After weeks of plotting, you have finally received letters from each of the other cities in the kingdom, demanding Jafar to restore the post to the rightful heir, Princess Jasmine. You stand outside the palace, with Jasmine in tow, and prepare to enter.

Jasmine :slightly_smiling_face:: Are you ready for this?

You: Yup, I have to be.

Jasmine: You know,I have been meaning to ask, what exactly do you want from helping me?

Tutorial: It is time to decde the moral reasoning behind your actions. Depending on your reasoning, different people will br drawn to you, or pushed away.

Are you in it for yourself or to help others?

Whenever you tell someone your reasoning, your moral compass will shift. Certain events will happen depending where the compass is, so be careful.

  • I want land and riches
  • I am just doing it because it’s what is right.

0 voters

You: I am doing this because it’s what is right.

Jasmine :slightly_smiling_face:: That’s an interesting reason. There aren’t alot of people who would do this for that reason…you might be the only one, actually.

+10 Jasmine Favor
You and Jasmine are now Friends!
Your moral compass has shifted

Without another word, the two of you march into the throne room. Guards flank you on all sides, but you read them the decree, and they each salute Jasmine before joining you in your march to the throne room. Two guards throw open the doors and you enter to see Aladdin kneeling before Jafar, who abruptly stands as you enter.

Jafar :raised_hand:: What is the meaning of this!?

Jasmine :smile:: We’re here to reclaim my throne. These are the orders from the reigning bodies of other cities ordering you to stand down. The throne is mine!

Jafar :raised_hand:: Troy, you are really going along with this? It would seem I was right to take your parents lives.

-50 Jafar Favor

Compass Result!

You: I am doing this because Jasmine should be on the throne, not you. What you did to me is only another nail in the coffin!

+5 Jasmine Favor

Jafar :raised_hand:: Bah! Coffin? It will be your grave, not mine. I must applaud your attempt at this uncultured queue, but did you really think it could be done under my nose?

Jafar pulls out a parchment of his own and tosses it at the feet of the nearest guard. He picks it up and reads its contents before rounding on you with his sword.

Guard: This is a message from the rulers, confirming that the letters ordering the depose of Sultan Jafar are not to be followed, and were part of a ploy to bring the elusive thief claiming to be the deceased Sultan’s daughter to justice.

The guards round on you and Jasmine, and Jafar smirks before settling pack into his throne. Aladdin steps toward you.

You and Jasmine back away as the guards advance closer.

Jasmine :smile:: This…this is not good.

You: This isn’t it, Jafar!

Jafar: Oh yes it is, you don’t get a happy ending.

Chapter Summary:

Quasimoto: [55/100] :smile:

Jasmine: [55/100] :smile:

Aladdin: Now an enemy.

Jafar: Now an enemy.


Chapter 3: Wishes

Character Status:

Quasimoto: [55/100] :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Jasmine: [55/100] :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Experience (Level 2): [100/500]


Charisma: Unlocked
Manners: Unlocked
Agile: Locked
Cunning: Unlocked
Strength: Locked
Weapon Knowledge: Locked

Dueling: Unlocked
Hand to Hand: Locked
Heavy Weaponry: Locked

Discovered Kingdom skills:

???: Locked
???: Locked
???: Locked
???: Locked
???: Locked

You and Jasmine are surrounded by guards and Aladdin after you failed to depose Jafar.

Jafar: I must thank you, Troy for your assistance in catching Jasmine. You will be rewarded, of course.

Jasmine glanced at you for a moment, uncertain, then she surveyed the room. Finally, she smirked.

Jasmine :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:: Ha! We’re surrounded on all sides and you expect me to believe Troy set this up to trap me? You really must be an idiot.

Jasmine passed her first Favor Test!

Jafar: It makes no difference, you will be executed as dissidents. Capture them!

The guards surged forward and you drew your blade, prepared to meet them. The first guard slashed at you, but you parried his blow and slashed him lightly across the chest pushing him back with a grunt.

Beside you, Jasmine sidestepped a guard and jabbed her dagger into his lower back. Despite beating those two, you are both hopelessly outnumbered. Once you are taken prisoner, all will be lost. All at once, a short shape barrels past you, an unearthly roar escaping it’s lips. The shape rammed straight into Aladdin sending him reeling.

Before you could identify the shape, your vision is suddenly blocked by a giant cloud of purple smoke. A calloused hand finds yours and pulls you out of the smoke. There before you, is Quaz and a young woman with a giant poof of black hair. Her deep tan paired well with her sapphire eyes as she offered you a dazzling smile.

Beside you, Jasmine splutters a little, clearly having inhaled the smoke.

???: The whole city will be after you soon, let’s go!

You: Quaz? Who on earth is this?

Quaz: Esmeralda arrived with a message informing me that Frollo’s order to depose Jafar was a fake. I’ve already prepared camels for the trip across the desert, we have to move quickly.

  • Why didn’t you tell us it was a fake before we went in there!?
  • Thanks for getting us out of there, Quaz.

0 voters

You: Thanks for getting us out of there, Quaz.

Quaz :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:: No problem.

*+5 Quaz Favor

Jasmine :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:: So now what?

Esmeralda: We hide you all in Notre Dame until we can smuggle you into another kingdom. That’s where we’re heading.

You: Notre Dame? But that’s–

Jasmine :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:: Sorry, Troy, but we gotta run now, talk later!

Jasmine grabs your hand and starts pulling you down the street, you shake your head, but join her in a mad dash through the bustling streets. Esmeralda and Quaz follow swiftly behind you both, evidently letting Jasmine weave through the streets. Clearly her time as a thief is very useful here, she knows the swiftest routes, shortcuts, deadends, and even the common people seem to be offering you encouragement in escaping. You had worried they would try to hinder you.

You: I’m glad the people aren’t trying to stop us.

Jasmine :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:: They wouldn’t betray me, I’m one of them.

You continue through the streets, swiftly losing the guards thanks to the people’s help. At last, you reach the city gate and dash through. Esmeralda tosses a pouch of gold at the nearest guard, and he catches it before looking away from your escaping group.

You struggle onto your camels seat before sending into a run. The others do the same and so you leave Agrabah as the sun sets.

Not willing to risk beong caught, you continue on a ways into the night before stopping to rest.

Esmeralda: Notre Dame is a two day ride. Once we’re there, we can work on smuggling you out.

You: I can’t leave yet.

Jasmine :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:: What? I’m not giving up claiming the throne, but we can claim it unless we have some backing.

You: Not that…it’s…there’s this Cave of Wonders. It’s supposed to be the only source of magic in all of Agrabah.

Jasmine :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:: What does that have to do with us leaving?

You: I don’t know, but my parents said it could help me fix what’s wrong…perhaps if I get there, I can help ypu claim your throne.

Jasmine: :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: Alright, if you want to try to do this, then we will look for it before going to Notre Dame.

Esmeralda: Not me. I am not going to sift through the desert sands for some magic cave that may or may not exist. I am helping you as a favor to Quasimoto, but I’m not waiting around.

Quaz :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:: Esmeralda! You have to help him!

Esmeralda: No, I don’t, and I won’t. It’ll take time to make travel arrangements. You guys can spend two extra days scrounging through this wasteland while I get everything ready. If you aren’t there by then, we cut our losses.

Jasmine :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:: Two days is plenty of time. Let’s go, Troy.

You: No…Jasmine, you go with Esmeralda. If I fail, or get caught, you can’t be with me. I’ll find it alone.

Jasmine :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:: Alright, Troy, if you’re sure…

You: Quaz…

Quaz :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:: If you even try to say it, I will punch you.

  • Quaz, I need you to go with them.
  • Quaz, I wouldn’t ask you to leave me.

0 voters

You: I wouldn’t ask you to leave my side now, Quaz.

Quaz :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: : And I wouldn’t leave if you did, Master Troy.

+5 Quaz Favor

Quaz :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:: Now that that’s settled, we will see you soon Esmeralda, Princess Jasmine.

Esmeralda: So long you two!

Jasmine and Esmeralda mounted their camels again before heading out into the night. Meanwhile, you turn toward the open desert.

Quaz :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:: So, where is this Cave of wonders supposed to be?

You: I followed the tracks out this far before…the tracks of the guardian. That’s all I have to go on though.

Quaz :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:: Not much, is it?

You: Nope…

You and Quaz mount your camels before slowly scouring the surrounding desert. The sun rises and the desert starts blazing before long. You search through the sifting desert sands the entire day, but find nonmore of the tracks you saw before.

That night, as you rest by your campfire, you suddenly become aware of a thump in the distance. As it gets closer, the ground shakes with each thump. You share a look with Quaz, before you both crawl up a sand dune. Before you, a massive stone creature strides forward. His footfalls thump and send the surronding desert into a momentary quiver before the sand settles again. The Guardian!

Quaz :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:: Now what?

You: I’ve never even seen the guardian before, he is supposed to lead us to the Cave of Wonders.

Quaz :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:: If it leads us there, then what is it supposed to be guarding?

You: Uh…good question…

Quaz :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:: Do we have to fight it? Because I don’t think we stand a chance.

You: Let’s just follow at a safe distance, for now.

Quaz nods his agreement and the two of you crawl back to camp and climb into your camels.

The guardian seems to wander aimlessly, but you are sure he must be patrolling around the Cave of Wonders. As you follow, you glance all around looking for anything strange. At last, the sun peaks over the horizon and still you have found nothing. You give an exasperated sigh.

You: Let’s just go…we won’t find it…

Quaz :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:: Wait, master. The guardian is…

You veer back around to observe the guardian, which has now stopped its march. As you watch, the desert sands begin to slush beneath it, and the guardian slowly sinks beneath the ground. It stops sinking when the sand reached its neck. From there, the surrounding sand leapt up, as though carried by a tidal wave, and splashed down on top it’s head, then the desert was still for a moment.

You: Well…that happened…

Quaz :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:: What’s it mean master Troy?

  • The guardian only patrols at night.
  • The guardian is the Cave of Wonders.

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You: The guardian is the Cave of Wonders.

Quaz :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:: That…that’s crazy, that’d take all kinds of crazy magic!

+5 Quaz Favor.

You: True, but the Cave of Wonders is the only place with magic in our entire kingdom…it isn’t to farfetched.

Quaz :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:: So now what?

You: We go inside.

Quaz :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:: There isn’t exactly a cavemouth…

You: No, but…

You pull a chain up from beneath your shirt. Dangling at it’s end is a golden beetle.

You: This Golden Scarab is they key to unlocking it.

Quaz :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: : Oh! I’d almost forgotten you have that.

You: Yup. The one family treasure Jafar couldn’t take away.

You unhook the scarab from your necklace, and then extend it in your palm while slowly advancing towards the structure. All at once, the scarab rips out of your hand and dashes into the mound of sand, leaving an impact that swiftly fills with sand.

After another moment, the sand lit up and the head of a tiger slowly formed as the sand peeled back. Within the tiger’s gaping maw, you can make out stairs descending into a red hued glow.

Quaz: Alright then…that’s actually pretty terrifying.

+10 Quaz Favor

The tiger head says nothing, merely gaping at you in silence. It’s glowing eyes seemed to seep into your very soul. After a long moment, the tiger inhaled deeply, before opening his mouth wider.

Quaz :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:: I…think he wants you to be lunch.

  • You encourage Quaz to come with you.
  • You ask Quaz to wait for you outside.

0 voters

You: Well Quaz, you wanted to come this far with me, and I appreciate it, but it is for the best if I go in there alone. You can just–

Quaz :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: : I said I was going with you, and that won’t change now, Master Troy. We will just be eaten together.

-5 Quaz Favor

With Quaz willing to continue, the two of you gingerly step over the lower teeth of the tiger, and into it’s mouth. Though his tongue looks soft, it is as hard as any cave floor. Slowly you continue into the cave, Quaz standing next to you.

The cave floor ends with a drop off, though several ledges and handholds mark the way down. You gulp once before slowly setting your foot into one of the indentions.

Next to you, Quaz easily climbs down to the first ledge before looking back up at you.

Quaz :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: : You can do it, Master Troy!

You have never done something like this before, given your back ground. None the less, it is not too hard for you to make your descent, you’ve never been particularly afraid of heights, so that helps, although you do avoid looking down.

Your foot slips from one of the footholds beneath you leaving you unbalanced.

  • Hang on with your hands while you get your bearings (Requires Strength)
  • Move to other footholds quickly (Requires Agility)
  • Fall

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Caught off guard, you slowly fall back. Time seems to slow as your life flashes before your eyes. Your parents’ smiling faces, everyone in your life who has come and gone or is still here. For one second you know what it’s like to be as free as the birds. Then you land on something soft that grunts beneath you.

Quaz :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: : Master Troy, you are much heavier than you look, and while I don’t mind being you servant, I must draw the line at being your chair.

-5 Quaz Favor

You glance around and realize you have landed on Quaz. You quickly pull yourself to your feet and Quaz groans beneath you.

You: Sorry Quaz, I…slipped.

Quaz :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: : Yes, you certainly did, Master Troy. I’ll stay next to you on the ledges to make sure you don’t fall again.

Aside from that ledge, there are three more for you to climb down as well. Quaz climbs at your side, occasionally glancing at you to make sure you are okay. By the time you have reached the bottom, your hands are raw and your knees have been scratched up a bit.

Quaz :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: : You did really well for someone who has never climbed like this before, except for where you fell of course.

+5 Quaz Favor

+50 Experience

Experience [150/500]

You: How come you can climb like this so easily?

Quaz :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: : I used to climb all over the Notre Dame bell tower, this isn’t much harder.

You: You never talk about Notre Dame…

Quaz :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: : Not my fondest memories…but I’ll tell you anything about it, all you had to do was ask.

Quaz is your friend and willing to tell you about his past!

Quaz passed his first Favor Test.

+50 Experience

Experience [200/500]

Quaz :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: : Let’s just do one question for now.

Tutorial: Take advantage of opportunities to gather information, while not necessary, having the intel can help you make a better choice, or even rarely unlock new choicee options within the future!

  • I ask Quaz why he left.
  • I ask Quaz about his life there.
  • I ask Quaz about the ruler, Frollo.

0 voters

You: Why did you leave?

Quaz :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: : That’s…a bit complicated…Frollo was after the gypsies of Notre Dame. Phoebus and I helped save a bunch of them, which made Frollo come after us. Phoebus went into hiding, and I fled the city.

You: Who is Phoebus?

Quaz :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: : Phoebus is an old…friend. He was captain of the guard till he realized Frollo was corrupt.

You: That’s awful. And Frollo is still in charge?

Quaz :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: : Yup. He’s got connections everywhere now a days…

The two of you reach the end of the cave, and it opens into a chamber piled from floor to ceiling with loot of every kind. The compiled gold shining off of everything blinds you for a moment.

In another time, with another attitude, you might have eagerly grabbed some of this loot. As it stands, you cautiously continue through the room, ignoring the treasures. Quaz follows behind you, nodding to himself. He is evidently very happy you didn’t try to take any of the loot.

+5 Quaz Favor.

Compass Consequence: The temptation of treasure did not over power you.

Upon exiting the room, you look back to see the treasure has been replaced by massive seething serpents. Touching one of them would surely have caused them to attack you.

You turn your back to the room and continue further in. On top of a pedestal in the middle of the room, you see a lamp. Four giant stone pillars surround the pedestal.

You slowly climb up the stairway, and stand before the pedestal, Quaz right behind you. Before you can interact with the lamp in any way, blue smoke springs forth from it, slowly coalescing into a spirit like figure who moans loudly as he awakens.

As he materializes, chains spring up from the pillars, one wrapping around each arm, one around his neck, and one around his waist.

He groans frustrated as he tries to break the chains, clearly not even having seen you.

???: Why are these chains still here!? It’s been ten thousand years for crying out loud!

He pulls on the chains again, but the pillars hold fast. You clear your throat and the spirit stiffens before turning to face you. He stares at your for about 5 seconds, and then his face alights with recognition and he screams before jerking to hide, but the chain around his neck pulls tight and he gasps for breath once before awkwardly being pulled back towards you. He then proceeds to cover his face with his hand.

???: Maybe he will go away if he can’t see me.

Quaz :grin:: Master Troy, please tell me that isn’t the thing that is supposed to be able to help us? I’d make a bigger bet in a freak sand storm covering Agrabah than this.

The spirit opens two fingers and peeks out with one eye. There 's a puff of smoke and then the spirit has his arms crossed.

???: I’ll have you know, that I am the most powerful genie you will ever meet.

His face morphed to a baby’s

???: Course I’m the only genie, but what does that matter?

You: A genie?

Genie: Yup! Though…not much of a genie at the moment, I’m a chained down over here.

You: As a genie though…you can grant wishes right?

Genie: Well yes! No…uh…eh…kinda? I’ve been trapped here with these chains, and they take away all my powers.

Quaz :grin:: Who ever did that, they probably had good reason.

Genie: At the time it was a good idea. Back when the kingdoms were one, some evil dude made a wish off of me to give him rule of the kingdom. Now as an amazing genie, I can interpret wishes however I like, so I divided up the kingdoms and gave him the one with the part he asked for. Then, he wishes for everyone to lose their happy endings, except him. That winded up shipping to this place where everything is a mess. To keep anyone from fixing what was done, him and the other corrupted leaders used powerful magic to bind me to these columns and this pedestal.

You: That’s awful.

Genie: Tell me about it. So, I’ve been waiting for someone to find me, to help me out, so that I could grant their wishes and restore peace.

You: Sounds like exactly what we need!

Genie: Really?

You: Sure. How do we get these chains off of you?

Genie: You need to collect the relics from each kingdom. Once you do that, you bring them here for the next step.

You: Uh…search across the kingdoms huh? Sounds fun! We’ll do it!

Genie: I appreciate this, but why? What’s your motive?

  • You wanna wish for wealth
  • You wanna restore the kingdoms.

0 voters

You: If the kingdoms were once like how you say they were, then I want to restore them to that.

Your Moral Compass has Shifted

Genie: Fixing Everything up! Okay! Cool for y’all. So with the only part of my magic they couldn’t take, I can give you the ability to sense the relics, but…you have to make it a wish.

Troy: Alright then. Genie, I wish for you to give me the ability to sense these relics.

Genie: Alright!

Genie sends a burst of magic at you from his fingertips and you feel suddenly lighter. You feel a light tug in five different directions. Before you will it away.

Quaz :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: : Have you got it, Master Troy?

You: Yep!

Genie: Don’t fail, I’m counting on you, Troy.

You leave the Genie’s room and slowly climb back up the ledges and exit the mouth of the cave. As the cave closes behind you, your Golden Scarab flutters back to you. You restrap it around your neck, and prepare to leave for Notre Dame.

Chapter Status:

Quaz: [80/100] :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Jasmine: [55/100] :smile:

Chapter 4: Notre Dame

Character Status:

Quasimodo: [80/100] :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Jasmine: [55/100] :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Experience (Level 2): [200/500]


Charisma: Unlocked
Manners: Unlocked
Agile: Locked
Cunning: Unlocked
Strength: Locked
Weapon Knowledge: Locked

Dueling: Unlocked
Hand to Hand: Locked
Heavy Weaponry: Locked

Discovered Kingdom skills:

???: Locked
???: Locked
???: Locked
???: Locked
???: Locked

You and Quaz continue over the desert sands, your camels sending you lurching in all directions. Despite this, you have learned to ride a camel quite well. You glance up too see the desert sands gradually giving way to lush green in the distance.

You glance back down at the Golden Scarab your parents had given you. Who would have thought it was the key to saving everyone. Quaz interrupted your thoughts.

Quaz :grin:: We are nearing Notre Dame. Though I imagine we can’t stay long. Esmeralda is bound to have everything ready to get us out of here. Unless…is there a relic in Notre Dame?

You focus on your gift, pulling it up. There are five pulls, but all are too weak to be coming from Notre Dame.

You: I don’t sense any.

Quaz :grin:: That’s a pity, it’d be easier that way.

You: I suppose…

You two remain in comfortable silence until you enter Notre Dame, which as it turns out is full of bustling people, all of whom ignore you.

You and Quaz slide off your camels and leave them tied up by a tent before slowly weaving through the streets. You eagerly anticipate a bath to rinse of the desert sands from your body. So much so, in fact, that you nearly miss the cries ordering you to make way.

As you glance up, you notice people partying for a man in a priests robes, flanked by four guards.

  • You step out of his path, and bow your head. (Requires Manners)
  • You remain where you are.
  • You trick someone into revealing who he is. (Requires Cunning.)

0 voters

You know that under these circumstances, your best bet is to fade into the crowds. With a bowed head, you swerve out of the way. Nobody pays you any mind.

+50 Experience
Experience: [300/500]

Quaz :grin:: That’s Frollo. We must go.

Quaz leads you away from the procession. Along the way, a few people point at him. Some glare, others whisper, and others have horrified expressions on their faces. Quaz ignores them, and so you do as well.

Eventually, Quaz leads you before the cathedral the town is named after: Notre Dame. The breathtaking architecture stuns you, but Quaz enters as if it was the most ordinary building ever.

Inside, a priest quickly advances to you both.

Priest: The ladies are awaiting you within the bell tower.

Upon saying this, the priest immediately leaves the room. You and Quaz share a look before he directs you to stairs leading to the bell tower. As you climb…

  • You ask him why people look at him strangely.
  • You remain quiet.

0 voters


Chapters 5 and 6

24 hours from now, I’ll add the second poll, so be sure to vote if you want a say in the origin.

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Very cool concept! Think we will end uo with a great story :smile:

Also I choose charisma and manners from what I have read about Early Modern Diplomacy. Not really a favourable situation if you got the manners and rituals wrong. So I hope this knowlegde will be usefull to Troy


Looks pretty good so far and looks forward to read the story as it goes and partake in the story :-).

Though a bit curious if there are plans for the character to get magic or more so something for later?
There aren’t a “I am a mage” option which I find otherwise missing if magic isn’t intended to be something for later and not letting the character have magic right away.

Either way really good work and looking forward to seeing what happens :-).

I have a question: will we ever be able to go back and see what might’ve happened if we picked different options? That might be cool to see.

I’ll put it simply, yes, there will be an opportunity for magic.

I can’t go into more detail right now cuz I don’t wanna spoil anything, but I’ll explain that when we get there.

:thinking: Since the story changes depending on choices (for example the origin you pick does alter the story later in several ways) That would be difficult. However, perhaps at the end of the story I can restart it so you can make different choices, if it is popular enough.


Very excited that this is finally released.


Yeah, same. Hope y’all like it! I bet you will! It was some work, mostly done by David :v::sweat_smile:, but it was great fun too and yeah, let’s start


I see and assumed this was the case, magic coming later instead :-).
Best of luck on the story ^^.

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You have chosen for Troy to have a Noble Origin.

The next choice is now out.

A consistent theme… lol.


Hum…, seems like the choices lean towards a “Prince Charming” type character approach.

Will be intersting to see how this goes :-).

So this is like a Batman or Guardians style Telltale Series? Nice. I’m interested to see how this continues

Unsure of what either of those are, but I’m glad thi caught your interest. :grin:

Here :-).


You cannot use a skill you do not possess. If the majority ever pick an option requiring a skill Troy does not possess, the option will not be considered. Please keep that in mind as you make your choices. The next choice is out now in any case. :grin:

Meant to comment back earlier, but oh well.

Anyway, I find it interesting that you put Quasimodo in Agrabah, but I suppose this is a mixed universe kind of story which you did kind of say in the opening, even though I didn’t anticipate that it would mean that characters from different stories/movies would be mixed.

I suppose the fact that the story is a mixed universe in that sense make it more interesting as we don’t know who are likely going to meet in the story as such :-).
So yeah, looking forward to see who we might see next ^^.

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