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Chapter Summaries

Chapter 1: Agrabah

You are a noble in Agrabah trying to gain the favor of the new sultan after his successful coupe which killed the old Sultan and killed your parents. Upon killing your parents, he has also stripped you of your house’s land and titles and fired all of your servants, except a young hunchback and friend named Quasimodo, whom you call Quaz. While juggling your responsibilities to Jafar, you also make journeys out into the desert in the hopes of finding something your parents told you of. Today is your final test to earn Jafar’s favor. You must catch a young thief and he will restore your land and honor.

Chapter 2: Betrayal

You met Jafar’s thief catcher, Aladdin, in a market center. Aladdin outlines the plan to use you as bait and reveals that the thief in question is none other than Jasmine, the previous Sultan’s daughter and the rightful heir to the throne. You manage to find her and a chase ensues which ends in you capturing her. However, rather than turn her in, you chose to help her reclaim her father’s throne. To your dismay, your coupe ends in failure and Jafar is prepared to imprison, or worse, execute you.

Chapter 3: Wishes

To your great surprise, Quaz discovered the trap beforehand and, with the assistance of a gypsy from Notre Dame named Esmeralda, helped you escape from Jafar’s clutches. With your home no longer yours and with you being hunted across the Kingdom of Reality, you plan to leave and gather an army before returning to take back Jasmine’s throne.

Before fleeing to the Kingdom of Magic, you make one last desperate search for the Cave of Wonders your parents told you about. Your search paid off and you found it and entered it where you met a genie trapped inside. The genie informed you of a curse placed on the world that revoked the happy endings of the people. To right this wrong, and return the throne to Jasmine, you must first free the genie before you can make a wish. Your quest is to acquire the five artifacts, one in each of the five kingdoms, to break the genie’s curse. To assist in this, the genie gave you the ability to sense where the artifacts are.

Chapter 4: Notre Dame

You and Quaz meet up with Jasmine and Esmeralda who had proceeded to Notre Dame ahead of you to make preparations for your escape into the Kingdom of Magic. Upon explaining your quest to Esmeralda and Jasmine, your group prepares to leave. Frollo has other ideas in mind as he sicks the city guard on you. You fight your way through and choose to save Esmeralda when she is captured. With her assistance you are soon over the wall and on a magic carpet being whiskes away to the Kingdom of Magic where a masquerade is about to begin.

Chapter 5: Masquerade

You, Jasmine, and Esmeralda attend the masquerade while Quaz intergrates himself among the many servants. You all talk up the crowds in a bid to get Lady Tremaine’s favor while also keeping your eyes peeled for the first artifact which is somewhere within the castle walls. After a discussion with Maleficent about the stories of some of the guests, Lady Tremaine arrives and makes a stunning proclamation as she declares the young man to bring her a sword embedded into a stone (Wheeled in a moment before her announcement) would become her heir. To your chagrin, this sword, Excalibur is the first of the artifacts you must collect.

Chapter 6: Masked-raid

With the first artifact in sight, you and Quaz step into the crowd surging forward hoping for their fortune. Despite giving the sword a good tug, it remains imbedded in the stone. A young boy, who you later learn to be named Arthur, is able to pull the sword free with ease. You help him deliver it to Lady Tremaine, who in return rewards you with the reward of becoming her heir. Your networking paid off as she hands you the relic and bids Maleficent teach you to cast magic, unlocking the kingdom skill call Wizardry.

Chapter 7: Escape

Maleficent helps you find your magic in a matter of minutes then beseeches you to flee the castle without telling Tremaine. You heed her advice and persuade Elsa of Arendelle to take you to the Water Kingdom. Before you can leave, you need to round up Esmeralda and Jasmine, Quaz already being with you. The two of you brave the palace once more running into Maleficent’s distraction, an elf named Barley and a horse named Maximus. After finding Jasmine and Esmeralda and having a brief confrontation with Barley’s evil brother, Ian, you board Elsa carriage and escape the Kingdom of Magic,

Chapter 8: Arendelle

You arrive and Arendelle, only to discover you have an unexpected travelor has made the trip with you. After some careful thought, you decide to let Arthur stay with you and take the sword back to the Kingdom of Magic with him and become Tremaine’s heir.

You tell Elsa your quest and she agrees to take you with her to Montonui the following day in search of the artifact. That night, a thief enters your room. You know nothing more other than the fact that they were able to climb down the wall of the Arendelle Palace. You originally feared they had stolen your first artifact, Excalibur, but Arthur confesses to stealing it himself. In the end, you are grateful he did because it seemed that thief was after it as well. The following morning, after breakfast, you soon set off for Montonui, the island where the tribes gather.

Chapter 9: Montonui

You and your companions learned that the islanders believe you to be a demigod, but your conscience would not allow you to play that role so you set them straight upon arrival. This does result in some bickering but you roughly smooth it over. You learn that the tribes bicker over their next leader, Moana, the next in line, or Pocahontas, the meek woman who does not wish to rule. Under your careful diplomacy, you convince the rulers to select Pocahontas as the ruler and avoid an all out war. You also learn that the king of the merfuls, Triton, is missing and his daughter Attina is looking for him. The artifact is not on Montonui and you feel its tug from out at sea.

Chapter 10: Cursed Island

The relic appears to be on an island out in the open known by all as a cursed island. You must sale there, and Moana chooses to accompany you in a bid to prove her worth as a chief. Upon arriving at the island, you discover skeleton pirates that attempt to ambush you. You are rescued by two people, Elizabeth Swann and Will Turner who explain the curse that has befallen them and offer to get you the relic from the cursed chest provided you take one of them with you to see to its safe return.

Taking Elizabeth’s advice, you agree to take Will along with you upon leaving the island. The two show you to a cave with a stone chest full of treasure. Elizabeth offers you a golden compass, dried blood covering it’s once glittering surface. With the treasure in hand, you all flee the island, now preparing to head back to Montonui.

Chapter 11: Recovery

Upon your return to Montonui, the tribes throw your group an impromptu feast. You spend the night socializing, helping raises the spirits of your friends and allies. The next morning, Elsa and Moana steal you away and take you to Ahtohallen where they awaken your inate connection to the spirits around you.

Upon succeeding in this, you return to Montonui where a ship is being prepared to drop your group off on the shores of the Animal Kingdom continent. You spend weeks sailing and are so exhausted when you finally arrive that you all make camp on the beach and sleep. Upon waking up in the morning, you are shocked to see that all of your companions are missing, except Arthur.

Chapter 12: Divided

You travel into the jungle in search of your friends. After a run in with Bambi, Mowgli, and Thumper, you learn of polymorphing and they point you in the right direction. You soon find a fort, and meet Tarzan who Will claims can turn into a giant gorilla. You are led inside where you meet the King.

Chapter 13: King's Request

The king, Kerchak, has you go on ruthless missions in order for him to release your companions. The first has you slay a shaman named Sheeta. The second has you take a knight down off a bridge. You chose to save the knight and brought him back to Kerchak as a prisoner. With Jasmine and Quaz released, Kerchak gave you one final mission to accomplish in order to get the release of your last companion, Esmeralda. You must get the other side of this civil war to surrender!

Chapter 14: Peace Attempts

You journeyed to the other castle where you met Adam, also a beastman who wanted to wipe out the savages on the other side. After some convincing, you persuaded him to meet for a peace talk. Actually, it was shockingly easy. He arranged for you to spend the night in his castle but warned you not to leave your room at night. Of course you, Will, and Jasmine disobeyed that and managed to retrieve the third artifact, an enchanted rose. No sooner had you obtained it, then Barbossa and his pirate crew charged the castle. He threatened to kill Elizabeth with a potentially enchanted knife unless Will turned himself in with the artifact.

Chapter 15: Chaos Reigns

You return to Kerchak’s fort and bust Esmeralda out of prison, as well as the knight, Simba. Unfortunately, you get caught up in Kerchak’s forced surrender by Adam. Your rescue of Simba let’s you get off with being banished from the Animal Kingdom, however, ultimately Tarzan never forgives you for not helping fend of the invaders, and refuses to teach you the secret to unlocking Polymorphing.

Chapter 16: Underwater

At the border of the Tech Kingdom, you learn you cannot gain entrance without presenting a new tech to the kingdom. You bump into John Silver, a young pirate who is seeking treasure, and offers to take you with him to steal the crystal ore from Atlantis, assuring you that you can find Tech their to present as well. Rather than enter undercover, your group contacts Attina who arranges for you to gain entrance to Atlantis, but what will you do to get the tech?

Chapter 17: Atlantis

You and your companions, minus Quaz and Arthur, explore Atlantis and find a means to get the tech, by persuading Kida to part with it. It backfires as it is unveiled that Silver stole some crystal. Despite not wishing too, you wind up fleeing with the tech with the Atlantians angered at you. You make it back to Attina who has already heard about your run in and wants to send Silver back, to which you refuse to let her do because you have need of him.

Upon her agreeing to let you all go if you return the crystal, Silver reluctantly gives her the crystal and promises to steer clear of her kingdom. You return to the surface to enter the Tech Kingdom, but upon entering, you are captured and taken to a white walled prison room! Who knows what has befallen your companions, but you’d like to think they escaped

Chapter 18: Simulations

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