Disney! It’s Game Tyme People!

So inspired By @CaptainAmerica02 topic on an elimination game I’ll make another!

One based on every Possible Corner Of the disney name, Villains, Toy Story, Heroes, Etc each elemenation will be revealed at 11:00 am & 3:00 pm EST every day
until we crown a winner :star: :crown: :star:

The Season 1 Cast

The Season 2 Cast

The Season 3 Cast

The Season 4 Cast

The Season 5 Cast

Th Season 6 Cast

The First Vote

  • Jafar
  • Malifacent
  • Captain Hook
  • Gaston
  • Governer Ratcliffe
  • Frollo
  • Charles T Muntz
  • Ursula
  • Shere Kahn
  • Sid
  • Lady Tremaine
  • Hades
  • Queen Of Hearts
  • Shan Yu
  • Evil Queen
  • Hopper
  • Prince Hans
  • King Candy
  • Cruella De Vil

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Elimination Order

Season 1

20th/ Sid :skull_and_crossbones: (Round 1)
19th/ Prince Hans :skull_and_crossbones: (Round 2)
18th/ Hopper :skull_and_crossbones: (Round 3)
17th/ Governor Ratcliffe :skull_and_crossbones: (Round 4)
16th/ Charles F Muntz :skull_and_crossbones: (Round 5)
15th/ Lady Tremaine :skull_and_crossbones: (Round 6)
14th/ Shan Yu :skull_and_crossbones: (Round 7)
13th/ Shere Kahn :fire: (Round 7)
12th/ King Candy :fire: (Round 8)
11th/ Dr. Faciler :fire: (Round 9)
10th/ Evil Queen :fire: (Round 10)
9th/ Queen Of Hearts :fire: (Round 11)
8th/ Captain Hook :fire: (Round 12)
7th/ Cruella De Vil :fire: (Round 12)
6th/ Gaston :fire: (Round 13)
5th/ Ursula :fire: (Round 14)
4th/ Jafar :fire: (Round 15)
3rd/ Hades :fire: (Round 15)
2nd/ Maleficent :gem: (Round 16)
1st/ Scar :crown: (Round 16)

Season 2

11th/ Chernobog :skull_and_crossbones: (Round 1)
10th/ Bellwether :skull_and_crossbones: (Round 2)
9th/ Lotso :skull_and_crossbones: (Round 3)
8th/ Prince John :skull_and_crossbones: (Round 3)
7th/ Frollo :fire: (Round 4)
6th/ Horned King :fire: (Round 5)
5th/ Mad Madame Mim :fire: (Round 6)
4th/ Oogie Boogie :fire: (Round 6)
3rd/ Yzma :fire: (Round 7)
2nd/ Syndrome :gem: (Round 7)
1st/ Mother Gothel :crown: (Round 7)

Season 3

12th/ Woozles :skull_and_crossbones: (Round 1)
11th/ Mirage :skull_and_crossbones: (Round 2)
10th/ Megavolt :skull_and_crossbones: (Round 3)
9th/ Gabby Gabby :fire: (Round 4)
8th/ Clayton :fire: (Round 5)
7th/ Banzai Shenzi & Ed :fire: (Round 6)
6th/ Queen Narrisa :fire: (Round 6)
5th/ Stinky Pete :fire: (Round 7)
4th / Leroy :fire: (Round 8)
3rd/ Zurg :fire: (Round 9)
2nd/ Magica De Spell :gem: (Round 9)
1st/ Randall :crown: (Round 9)

Season 4

15th/ Figment :skull_and_crossbones: (Round 1)
14th/ Grumpy :skull_and_crossbones: (Round 2)
13th/ Pinnochio :skull_and_crossbones: (Round 3)
12th/ Sally :skull_and_crossbones: (Round 4)
11th / Jane :skull_and_crossbones: (Round 5)
10th / Flik :fire: (Round 6)
9th / Megara :fire: (Round 7)
8th / Doof :fire: (Round 8)

Voted Back: Doof (Round 8a)

7th / Anna :fire: (Round 9)
6th / Doof :fire: (Round 10)
5th / Olaf :fire: (Round 11)
4th / Buzz :fire: (Round 12)
3rd / Woody :fire: (Round 13)
2nd / Stitch :gem: (Round 14)
1st / Mickey :crown: (Round 14)

Season 5

12th / Hei Hei :skull_and_crossbones: (Round 1)
11th / Candice :skull_and_crossbones: (Round 2)
10th / Chernobog :skull_and_crossbones: (Round 3)
9th / Scar :skull_and_crossbones: (Round 4)
8th / Baloo & Mowgli :fire: (Round 5)
7th / Huey Dewey & Louie :fire: (Round 6)
6th / Timon & Pumbaa :fire: (Round 7)
5th / Jasmine :fire: (Round 8)
4th / Goofy :fire: (Round 9)
2nd / Kim Possible :gem: (Round 10)
2nd / Pooh :gem: (Round 10)
1st / Eve :crown: (Round 10)

Season 6

36th / Heimlich :skull_and_crossbones: (Round 1)
35th / Chick Hicks :skull_and_crossbones:(Round 1)
34th / Hector :skull_and_crossbones: (Round 2)
33rd / Toy Aliens :skull_and_crossbones: (Round 2)
32nd / Hank :skull_and_crossbones: (Round 3)
31st / Flik :skull_and_crossbones: (Round 3)
30th / Syndrome :skull_and_crossbones: (Round 4)
29th / Mirage :skull_and_crossbones: (Round 4)
28th / Zurg :skull_and_crossbones: (Round 5)
27th / Gabby Gabby :skull_and_crossbones: (Round 5)
26th / Woody :skull_and_crossbones: (Round 6b)
25th / Remy :fire: (Round 6)
24th / Anger :fire: (Round 6)
23rd / Lightning McQueen
22nd / Jack Jack
21st / Carl
20th / Bullseye
19th / Miguel & Dante
18th / Frozone
17th / Edna Mode
16th / Merida


REMINDER: The Votes Will Be Revealed Live At 12:00 Pm Est Tommorow And Remember To Vote!
Right After It Is Revealed The Voting Will Begin For the next elemination those voting times will end at 5:00 right before the Reveal

I voted for Sid, cuz he is not even a real villain…


Technically, lol

Are we voting on the worst villain to take out? Or the most hated one to take out?


I’m also wondering this.

Also, it’s Maleficent :wink:

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As if she would be the worst lol that’s Sid or Hans

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I guess we vote for the lamest one, as this is a villain competition, the worst of the worst should win :skull:

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Which ever one you want to eleminate

Right! And the lamest one is Sid. To the point where he shouldn’t be called a villain.


update: the first elemination of every day is now at 11:00 est am And The Second is at 5:00 est pm

You know, I would actually vote for Facilier

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Really? I just see so much love for him and scar, those were the ones I had to take out because of the limit

Well, I think facilier is a little TOO dark for a kids movie

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I little bit

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Then scar busts through the wall like AM I A JOKE TO YOU

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The Reveal Will Be In 5 Minutes Make sure you get your votes in!

It’s Official The First Person Has Been Eliminated
Sid Has Been Eliminated

Final 19

Second Vote

  • Scar
  • Dr. Faciler
  • Ursula
  • Cruella De Vil
  • Malifacent
  • Evil Queen
  • Gaston
  • Governor Ratcliffe
  • Charles T Muntz
  • Jafar
  • Hades
  • Hopper
  • King Candy
  • Lady Tremaine
  • Shan Yu
  • Queen Of Hearts
  • Prince Hans
  • Shere Kahn
  • Captain Hook

0 voters

As hard as rhis one was between like my top three least favprites, Ihave to go with Hopper, just cuz I do not like him :grin:


Well it’s hard to pick a worst. Many of them did such horrible things

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