Disney Junior characters for Disney heroes battle mode

If Disney Junior characters what to be added to the game, which others would you like to see and why?

Personally I would like to see Captain Jake from Jake and the Neverland Pirates, because he can use his sword as his basic attack, Sofia from Sofia the First, because she became a official protector at the end of the show; and Elena from Elena of avalor, because she can use her scepter of light for her attacks.

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I honestly hope these never come to the game. Plenty of much cooler characters to use still.


Yeah no. Kids shows is a no no.

Mickey mouse is a kid show and he’s been added to DHBM

You do realize that Mickey is from several kids shows, right?

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Dats a different story.

Mickey gets a pass, being as he’s the mouse in “The house the Mouse built”. But for the love of all that is holy DO NOT ADD DISNEY JR. CHARACTERS! Make a separate game for those kinds of characters.


You guys are just saying that because you think you’re too old to watch shows like that, unlike me who loves Disney Junior. That’s right, I admit it, and I have no shame in it whatsoever!

Elena is the only one of those I’m hoping for.

I don’t think they should be added… not because I think I’m too old for those, but because if that happens… the games going to be too crowded.

If you stand your ground, add a skillset for every character you propose…


We don’t even have Scrooge from DuckTales and you want Disney Junior charaters?

Now, only characters from movies showing up, and nothing will change in near time.

Uh excuse me XD Edna Mode so has to come to game :upside_down_face: as for disney junior characters…this is a violent game witth characters that can kick others but! Sure some Disney junior characters can or could but…bottom line: Perblue’s character addition list is quite long… Ranging from Mulan to Rapunzel to Edna Mode ( :wink: ) as well as Car characters and more villains… so if you want these characters i recommend a couple things to maybe get Perblue to consider them:

  1. Specify who and develop skill sets for these characters.

  2. Fiind as many people as possible to support it. While Perblue doesnt listen much, they do add what the public wants most. (Villains is a great example)

  3. Except that you might not see them for a while if ever. I dont know if Edna Mode ever gonna show up but i trying anyway.

  4. If you dont know where to start with skill sets, then i can post some links to some places.

This is the most popular one!

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Ideas for new heroes including skill sets! and this is the one I made.

Against this. Keep it to the classics. Majority of Disney Jr characters have not even been around long enough to be considered classic.

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