Disney Monster Mash

It is the season where monsters comes out to play. If you are not counting Beauty and the Beast, the legend of sleepy hollow, The Hunchback Of Notre Dame, the nightmare before Christmas, and Monsters inc. Disney has not made any monster movies. So i leaves it up to you to know that monster story wpuld you like to see Disney make you can choose from the examples i will provide or make one of your own
if you want here are the examples:

Count Dracula
The Mummy
Dr Jeykll And Mr Hyde
The invisible Man
The Swamp Creature
The Boogie Man
And just for the heck of it King Kong or Godzilla

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Yah, and if you do not count The Incredibles (1 and 2) Pixar has made no super hero movies. What is up with that?

personally, I consider Monsters Inc. To be a monster movie. :grin:

And another thing, did you forget about The Nightmare before Chirstmas??

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Fun fact randal boggs is inspired from thr boogie man

I think all the monster in Monster Inc. Are inspired by the Boogieman it just depends on what the child think it looks like

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