Disney nature bears concept

Sky scout and amber are 1 star damage heroes on the blue who are frontline.

Entrance: Sky walks into the battle with her 2 cubs scout and amber on her back.

Victory: they eat a fish

Defeat: Sky passes out and scout and amber fall off.

Basic attack: Sky bites the enemy.

White skill tasty fish

Passive: Whenever Sky, scout and amber use a skill all enemies have a 50% chance to gain a stack of fatigue ally heroes deals 10% more damage to enemies per stack of fatigue on them.

Active: Sky, scout, and amber eat a fish healing them for x health and then regaining 10% of their max health for 8 seconds and are energized for 6 seconds. Also they reduce their other skill cooldowns by 2.5 seconds.

The fatigue has a chance to fail against enemies above level x

Green skill bear roar

Sky roars scaring all enemies for 10 seconds and dealing x fantastic damage to 3 random enemies. If Sky was energized while doing this skill she also gains 20% more reality and armor for the rest of the battle.

Blue skill bear scratch.

Scout runs up to the last enemy that damaged them and scratches them dealing x true damage dealing an additional x more normal damage per 2 stacks of fatigue in total on the enemy team scout also adds and additional stack of fatigue per time Sky has used her white skill.

The fatigue has a chance to fail against enemies above level x

Purple skill bear pride.

As long as all enemies have at least 4 stacks of fatigue Sky, scout and amber are hidden.

This has a chance to fail if enemy of the enemies are above level x.

Red skill salmon eaters.

Enemies with more than 10 stacks of fatigue have 35% resistance to buffs that would count at reducing fatigue also healing is reduced by 5% per enemy Also sky scout and amber have x additional basic damage per stack of hardy on your team also whenever an enemy loses a stack of fatigue Grant sky, scout and amber and your team 1-3 stacks of hardy.

The heal reduce has a chance to fail against enemies above level x

Friendship with wall-e

The bears and wall-e are trying to clear garbage from the lake for team seas.

Disk clean sea.

Sky, scout, and amber have 20% attack speed.

You forgot the friendships


I highly doubt Disney and Preblue will bring in real life animals from the DisneyNature movies.


That is why I didn’t put this in the wish list.

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ooh Nature Bears? Sounds interesting nice concept

Thank you for reigniting my passion

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