Disney’s Bugs Bunny (Roger Rabbit character concept) UPDATED

Name: Roger Rabbit

Quote: “My philosophy is this: if you don’t have a good sense of humor, you’re better off dead!”

Role: Control

Position: Mid

Team: Red

Normal Attack: Roger punches the enemy

White Skill: Stand-Out Comedy
Roger will preform some entertainment to the enemies, which will charm the enemies after using this skill

Green Skill: Heavy Fall
He will let down a refrigerator on the enemies, stunning and damaging the enemies over time

Blue Skill: Feel No Pain
Roger will get couple of plates and smash one in his head which will increase his energy and attack speed, then he throws the rest at the enemies which will stun and damage them

Purple Skill: Framed
During each wave, Roger is immune to any basic attack for a few seconds

Entrance: He will appear running with his feet on top on a rolling pin, then fall down as the pin rolls away and gets to position

Defeat: Roger will lower his ears and starts sobbing

Victory: He will raise his hands in the air happily, as shown in his profile picture

Friends: Goofy, Judy Hopps, and/or Mickey Mouse

I am not sure if Roger Rabbit is likely to come but I hope he does. I think that there is no references in DHBM related to that show, but if there is tell me in the comments. I hope you liked this concept.

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Liquor is a no-no, there are little kiddies playing. Also, does the quote remind anyone else of the Joker?


Skill Review time.

  • White: Eh it’s ok, Nothing new but still ok, but how many enemies does he Charm?

  • Green: Again it’s ok but it’s nothing new but can be useful.

  • Blue: This skill would be useful but I mean LIQUOR! Sorry but that won’t make it into the game and plus the way he reacts to it making train noises and smoke coming out of his mouth just makes it less kid friendly but still pretty creative😁

  • Purple: A little OP especially when he gets increased attack speed and invincibility against all attacks and plus how long does the increase and immunity last?

Overall this concept is all right I like it I give it a 7/10 I’ve seen most of your concepts and I think there pretty good and this one is aswell just a little thinking on the skills can increase your concept skills!:grin: So pretty much this is a pretty good concept :grin:

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You guys are aware there’s already liquor implied in the game right?

Pretty sure Jack Sparrow isn’t throwing away bottles of water…


What Do The Disks Do?! Include That.

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Ok guys I changed the blue skill from drinking liquor to smashing plates. :grin::+1:


@Silver_Bullet that quote doesn’t come from Joker. But I changed the blue skill to smashing plates.

I know it didn’t come from the Clown Prince of Crime, I said it reminded me of him.

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I like the quote & yes it sounds like something the joker would/should have said.

Even though it’s not from the Joker it reminds me of him as well.



If i remember correctly, Roger Rabbit is not Disney anymore

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Rum is what jack throws

That’s not sure about unlikely Character or not

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