Disney Song Mashups

There is album out there where two Disney songs are mashed together for an awsome compilation. And it sounds awsome. Here are the song they mashed up.

  1. Where You Are/Under the Sea

  2. For the First Time in Forever/When Will My Life Begin

  3. How Far I’ll Go/Go the Distance

  4. Just Can’t Wait to Be King/Almost There

  5. Proud of Your Boy/Reflection

  6. Mother Knows Best/In Here

  7. Part of Your World/Out There

  8. Let it Go/Strong

  9. Remember Me/You’ll Be In My Heart

  10. Hakuna Matata/Bare Necessities

  11. Start of Something/Try Everything

  12. Go the Distance/Journey Into the Past

  13. Can You Feel the Love Tonight/Rewrite the Stars

  14. So Close/Perfect

  15. Friend Like Me/Friends on the Other Side

  16. The Place Where Lost Things Go/How Does a Moment Last Forever

  17. A Whole New World/I See the Light

  18. You’ve Got a Friend in Me/If I Didn’t Have You

  19. When Can I See You Again/In This Place

  20. Zuka Zuma/Hawaiian Roller Coaster Ride

  21. Touch the Sky/Wind in My Hair

  22. Speechless/Brave Loyal True

  23. A Dream is a Wish Your Heart/Once Upon a Dream

  24. I Won’t Say I’m in Love/Kiss the Girl

  25. Baby Mine/La La Lu

  26. A Million Dreams/Daisies

  27. Lost in the Woods/You’ll Be Back

  28. Be Our Guest/Le Poisson/Le Festin

  29. Let it Go/Into the Unknown

I have listened to some of them and they are pretty good. And that got me wondering. What would you think would be a good song mashup?

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As a hobby musician, I absolutely love song mashups. They’re always so creative. I’ve had this idea of doing a Kim Possible/KC Undercover theme song mashup since they’re very similar Disney Channel shows, but it’ll probably be a while before I can actually make it. (I’d like to get through at least some college first.)

Where do I find this

Spotify. Why do you ask?

I am interested. Something wrong with that? Can I get the link?

No no. Absolutely Nothing wrong with that. Well as for the link, i do the forums on my phone. So, getting you link would be tough.

Go to Spotify or wherever you get your music from, and find Disney Mashups by Scott and Ryceejo. They have 3 volumes worth of this. And you’ll enjoy them. Trust me on this.

Wait, I’ve seen their mashups on YouTube! They’re amazing at it.

I wonder why, even though the movie Anastasia is made by Fox, Disney owns Fox. So it makes sense.

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