Disney Sorcerer's Arena is Shutting Down

News broke out today as Sorcerer’s Arena is shutting down it’s servers on July 31st.

I don’t know if anyone here plays it. But I think it’s worth saying that, despite it’s many flaws, DSA at the very least should deserve a proper send off.

R.I.P Disney Sorcerer’s Arena.





I remember playing this game… and now after 4 years, it’s coming to an end… most games can’t last forever, can’t they? :cry::cry::cry:
Let us say thanks to the team that made the beautiful Disney game that we enjoyed the most.


Well that sucks


I hate this

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well, this is great news for PerBlue 🤷


I played it before, and I’m very sad it happens.


I can’t say that it’s a big loss for me (having never played), but I can see how it would for you guys.


Not surprising, played for like a year and gave up. The only thing I will miss is the wide variety of characters

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DHBM has … or now HAD, over 50 characters more, and DHBM unlike them added TV show characters and Muppets and more live-action like Hocus Pocus.

If only they would use this occasion.


Yet they had characters people have been asking for to be in DHBM for years such as Will Turner, Bruno, and Xanatos. Even doing character we didn’t even think of like Hermes, Chunk and Mor’Du


If anything I thought dhbm would shut down first if it ever came to that but I was wrong
Anyway very sad to hear that Disney Sorcerers is shutting down


Because they aren’t needed at all. We have enough toys and who cares about that 2-minute bear?

We know PB is considering adding Encanto characters.

Character pool of DHBM is superior to DSA. That game only added Gargoyles as TV characters and nothing else, and like 10 Hercules characters for no reason. And 30 characters were duplicates too, like Platinum characters or (un)Dead Jack Sparrow.


Well, DSA has more problems than DHBM.

Uneven power levels that demolishes your entire team and puts this game’s power creep to shame. The drop rate gives you very little stuff so progression slowed to a crawl. And everything from promotion and costumes costs a small fortune in both coins and gems. And the constant hiatuses of new content is a nightmare.

It was only a matter of time before they decides to just throw in the towel.


Never played it, but…four years is a very short lifespan, they might do a lot of missteps to go down this early. As I remember, Glu are the people behind it, and they can be really tough when it comes to monetization.


I only just started playing DSA a couple of months ago lol…

One issue I had with the game as a new player was how complicated and specific the in-battle mechanics can get. At max, every character has about 3 attacks and 2 passives with 2-3 effects each. Some of these effects only have a certain chance to activate, some require very specific teammates, etc. and it all just feels really overwhelming to try and keep consistent track of. This was one of the big reasons I had trouble sticking with the game for even a week. With DH:BM, you mainly just have to remember a character’s skillset and that’s it. Any other things you can give them (mods, badges, etc.) are just simple upgrades.

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I used to play this game a lot back in the day, but it just didn’t have the appeal that this game has. The whole idea of characters teaming up with each other is done SO much better in this game and it feels like the devs put in the best effort they can to make the concept run wild. Sorcerer’s Arena’s main team comps are always about putting same franchise characters together which defeats the whole purpose of the game for me. Also, while the micro transactions could be a lot better in this game, they are GENEROUS compared to what sorcerer’s offered. At least with Battle Mode you can get characters relatively easy even without the battle pass option, meanwhile it’s almost a requirement to get the battle pass in the other game if you want a chance to participate in the events just to get the 4 star characters.


The thing is, they promised more Encanto characters

And we still don’t have them

We only have Pepa and bruno

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I keep wondering how long this game is gonna last. Been here since the beginning, but ni Dev updates in a long time, and it’s just repetition at this point.

I hope you guys won’t shut down your game as well right

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