Hello forumer, have you missed Disneyland since the pandemic began? Want to experience the attractions of yesteryear? Then i would like recommend going to DisneyChris.com.

Here you can take a audio tour and hear the music, voices, and ambiance of Disneyland without leaving your home. You can listen to rare audio from attractions, parades and shows from the past. You can see the song of the day and at the end of the year, a song from a movie that was released this year to be the song of the year.

I know it not the actual thing, but due to the circumstances, it’ll have to do for now.


Oh boy haunted mansion audio hear I come😃 (get the joke?)

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You found the Haunted Mansion didn’t you? :blush:

Not yet, had to do something

They are going to to have audio from the other mansions around the world soon.

Oooooh, can’t find phantom manor though

It’s in there, it just not available yet.

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I was also scrolling in the new fantasyland section and found something called cadged old hag I had to listen to it, no regrets

Who flagged me?

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Probably a false flagger… I don’t know who…

What reason was the flag for?

It was for spam, but i was trying to do something nice.

Ok it should not have been flagged in the first place, much less a flag for spam. Hopefully it is restored.


I know a bunch of people on the forum are bummed about not going to Disneyland or having a full experience at Walt Disney World due to Covid . So, i advertised this website as the next best thing until the parks reopen all the way again.


The way you formatted the post makes it sound rather like and advertisement, and advertisements are considered spam. Maybe someone misinterpreted the aim of the post?

It might be best to just edit it to make it sound more like a recommendation and less like an advertisement, because it technically could be considered spam (though I wouldn’t have flagged it).


There, this newly revised one outta do the trick.

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Month’s theme: song outside of Disney that appeared in Disney’s work

Song of the Day: Brazil (used in Saludos Amigos)

Song of the Day: I’m Hans Christian Anderson (based on the author and some of his stories Disney used)

Song of the Day: Disneyland (A song about Disneyland)

September song theme: Disney songs made by the Sherman Brothers

Song of the Day: Higitus Figitus (The Sword in the Stone)

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