Disney's Avengers

As much as we all love ro see Marvel characters such as the Avengers in DHBM, I thought it would be fun to see Disney characters team up like an Avenger style team and face a huge threat. So it comes to my question: if they would team up Which Disney character would fill the position of each of the Avengers:

Iron Man
Captain America
The Hulk
Black Widow
Spider Man
Black Panther
Scarlet Witch
Doctor Strange
Star Lord
Captain Marvel
And Just for tge sheer heck of it: Thanos

Avenger… Assemble


…none of them could ever best any of these.

Okay fine.

Merida could beat Hawkeye


Not too sure about that :joy:

Well Perblue can’t Add marvel characters because of Other company’s that have marvel games if they add marvel characters in the game then the game its self would be copyright

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@TheWhale this is just for fun. He/she’s not asking for the characters, he/she just wants to have fun.

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Oh child, go watch that Disney princess go for a ride through the forest on Horseback and notice all of the targets she hit perfectly.

As to strength? Climbing up a cliff takes quite a bit of strength. Add some technology to her arrows and she will destroy hawkeye in ant competition. :grin:

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Thanos:either jafar or mad Madam mim

Hulk:ralph…definitey ralph

but could either of them challenge a certain miss everdeen? :stuck_out_tongue:

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Oh okay 10

Uh guys, i think were losing focus here

Off the top of my head:

Merida for Hawkeye - archery
Kim Possible for Black Widow - spies
Merlin for Dr. Strange - wizards
Tia Dalma for Scarlet Witch - chicas with freaky powers
Hercules for Thor - gods
Sulley for Hulk - big guys in bright colors

Have to give more thought to the others.

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Hiro could be Iron man, they’re both very smart


XD the image of Hiro sending his megabot to disassemble Iron Man’s suit. :joy:

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Guys. Guys. I think this poster that someone made quite perfectly puts the Disney characters into their proper Avengers role.


Love Stitch as Rocket!

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Oh plz, you could not care less who he is. You would love him anywahs…

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Hiro, Aladdin, Kuzco, Hade’s, and who’s Black Widow?

Mulan is Black Widow.

Oh ok thanks @BoatSnack!

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I can list off all the others if you’d like.

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