Disney's CatDog

Kitbull (Kitbull)

They’re a :canned_food: frontline tank.


Bio: This pair protects their allies with their cuteness.

Team: :banana:


Enter: Kit (the kitten) walks in first. Then Bull (the dog) walks in next and Kit get under him.

Win: They play around.

Defeat: Bull falls to the ground, covered in cuts, and Kit scrambles to not get crushed.

Basic attack: Kit pucks a bottle cap to an enemy, dealing X damage.


:white_circle: Barking Frenzy
Bull barks 3 times, healing himself and Kit X hp per bark.

:green_circle: Small and Fierce
Kit hisses at his enemies, accidentally charming a random enemy for 10 seconds. Durning the charm, the enemy deals X extra damage.

:large_blue_circle: Stay Away
Normal damage :fist:
Kitbull dodges a melee attack and Bull and counters it by biting the enemy, dealing X damage. They can do this skill every 8 seconds.

:purple_circle: Friends Forever
Kitbull is immune to blinds, charms, and stuns and instead heals X hp.

:red_circle: Happy Family
“Stay Away” stuns the enemy for 8 seconds.

“Barking Frenzy” grants allies X reality.


Kitbull and Jack Jack
Baby Misadventures
Allies: Darkwing Duck, Minnie Mouse, and Kristoff & Sven.
Jack Jack has wandered off and Kitbull are trying to get him home and avoid creeps.
Old Toy
“Small and Fierce”'s charmed enemy loses 85% attack damage when the charm is done.

The attack damage loss is reduced if the enemy is above level X.

Kitbull and Judy Hopps
Animal Care
Allies: Donald Duck, Gerald, Marlin, & Nemo, and Pleakley.
Kitbull is lost so they go to Judy Hopps for help. Unfortunately for them, they lack the ability to talk…"
Police Kitbull
“Barking Frenzy” heals allies X hp.


This concept is so cute! Thanks for submitting!

You’re welcome my dear imagineer.

This short makes me cry every time :sob:

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Hmmm. Pretty solid concept. Missing a few things but still solid! 6/10

Do not listen to @eve_bot @Bunny_Cat they are just criticizing for dumb reasons. This is a good concept, and I can tell you have greatly improved in making concepts. I hope you make more likely concepts in the future cause this concept is good and very adorable!


This is a great concept


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Flag and ignore the spammer people

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You were the one being mean for no reason on this great concept which is for my contest and so I am defending @Bunny_Cat. Check your facts before making claims.

Ignoring the spammer now.


This is a cute concept. 7.5/10

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