Do Ian and Disgust have any counters?

I am having trouble finding a team that can beat Ian and Disgust as almost everyone in Arena and Coliseum has these heroes. Can you suggest some heroes who can counter them or other tips? Thanks.


A counter for Ian would be Tron (Fl), as he can remove Reflect as soon as the match starts.

For disgust, try to use disrupters that can prevent Disgust from dealing too much damage to your team.


Disgust can be nullified with Tron as well

Less distaste stacks - less damage

Randall may be better? (Yz)

Disgust’s power mostly lies in her green skill :eyes:

Thanks for the advice. What can I do about Ian?

Units with skills that can target the backline can be helpful. As an example, Rapunzel’s White Skill which pulls the backmost unit to the front, hits them, and knocks them and nearby units back.

I was trying that with Barbossa and Davy Jones but it didn’t work out but I finally cracked the code by using Huey, Dewey and Louie and Flynn(from Tron). Huey, Dewey and Louie can stun Ian at the beginning of the game and Flynn removes negative status effects with his power cleanse. I use Maximus, Disgust, and Sadness with them to do damage.

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Use META heros

Please do not revive dead topics.


Should I open a new topic to ask for a counter for Ian?

Bruh moment

(And to answer your question, I’d say yes. Or just check other topics that may answer your question.)

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