Dodge Skill


I’m confused of this one. Jack Sparrow and Aladdin has a dodge skill. For example, Jack dodged Aladdin’s white skill. Will Jack dodge all three hits or just only one. The same with heroes with many attack hits like Merida’s Gaelic Volley, Jack-Jack’s Bouncing Baby, etc.

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When they use their dodge skill they gain some iframes, they can’t be even touched for a short while



So what’s the answer about Jack Sparrow dodging Aladdin’s Sabre Slash? Will Jack dodge all three scimitar hits or just one of them?

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Does the disk from Judy for Jessie add up or are being resolved independently!? With the base dodge ?!



No, I have a Nick disk for Jack Sparrow.



I always thought it added up, but Everyone insisted that Buzz disk was better…releasing her white skill first thing is pretty good tbh.



The op is still not answered.

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Only Polaris is able to answer that question…sorry



The dodge check is done for each one of the attacks. So, if the hero is targeted by multiple hits from Bouncing Baby, they could dodge the first, but not the second.



Hmm… okay. Thanks. Now I can make strategies. :smiley:

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I believe Rin the Hateful is right. Any attack that is a counterattack (dodge then strike back ie. Aladdin’s green, olaf’s Green, jack sparrow’s green) grants them several frames in which they dodge all attacks.
However, on something that grants a chance to dodge (ie. Jessie’s purple, Hiro’s purple, Aladdin’s blue) it’s like Polaris said where each hit has its own individual chance to dodge.



Well, for me I use white skills as a dodge. Some heroes move out of their place (like Vanellope, Wall-E, etc.) during their white skill, so the enemy’s attack will surely miss.

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Does the dodge skill from different sources add up ? In this case Judie’s base ability and her disk or do they trigger separately ?

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