Dodo Character Concept



Source: Alice in Wonderland

Role: Control

Position: Middle

“I say, you’ll never get dry that way.”

Dodo uses his nonsense motivation to encourage his allies to keep on fighting.

Entrance: walks in spinning his cane and smoking his pipe

Victory: blows his nose making a honking sound

Defeat: Burns his finger and howls in pain

Basic Attack: Hit enemies with his cane

White Skill: Cacus Race: Dodo calls a caucus race, which shuffles enemies

Green Skill: Smoke the Monster Out: Dodo blow smoke out of his pipe which blinds enemies

Blue Skill: A Golden Opportunity: Dodo uses motivation which increases basic attack

Purple Skill: Foward, Backward, Inward, Outward: Caucus Race puts shuffled allies into position


Fix-It Felix Jr.:

Campaign: Team Building: Dodo starts a team building program and needs Felix’s help to help the other heroes get throught the excercise.

Disk: Teamwork Makes the Dream Work: A golden Opportunity heals allies


The DODO??? Why not put the catipillar, March Hare, Doormouse, Bill, And all the other one scene Wonderland characters

What’s wrong with the Dodo?

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They aren’t “one scene” characters. I enjoy there dodo and he has multiple scenes

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