Does anyone EVER use Sarah Sanderson?

I’ve had numerous encounters with Winnie and Mary Sanderson, in Surge, City Watch, the Arena, and the Coliseum. But for some reason, I’ve yet to ever fight Sarah anywhere, except Invasion breaker fights.

'Cause she’s trash. :white_circle::green_circle::large_blue_circle::purple_circle: Skill very bad :disappointed_relieved:, Basic Damage, Skill Power has small stats. Armor and Reality aren’t enough to keep her alive.

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I’ve fought her a couple of times (not often) and while she can be a bit annoying in some circumstances, she’s easily way worse than the other two, so that’s why :sweat_smile:

I did use Sarah. Most of the time when she was the Invasion featured hero (I usually prioritize levelling up the Invasion featured heroes and Prize Wall heroes).

Sarah literally has nothing going on for her. Nothing special among skills, exclusive for crates blocking her evolving, plus being totally outshined by Mary.

I use her all the time, she’s one of my favorites.

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She’s probably the single worst hero in the entire game.

So no.

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I use her in Surge. Against Y1-Y2 enemies she can usually win at Y13 with maxed red. Otherwise hard trash.

Which Yxx lvl is the maximum on your server atm?

Yeah no one uses her they really didn’t do her justice. Winnie is the best of the 3 and Mary is great to but not as good. Once again prizewall hero is better than the rest.

Nope cause she’s trash

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