Donald Unlikely Hero Concept


Description: Donald the Scottish Engine have arrived in the battlefield to deal with the nuisance of the enemies. Unlike Douglas, Donald uses more of his charm and his witty jokes to deal with the enemy, and with Dilly on his side, this Scottish Engine is impossible to put down.

Quote: ‘‘You’re a muckle nuisance, it’s to leave you behind I’d be wanting’’

Star: :star:
Role: Tank
Position: Frontline
Trial Team: Yellow


Entrance: Donald will drive to his position as he wheesh steam feeble.

Victory: Donald laughs non stop at the enemies, while Dilly fly on Donald, and start to dances on top of Donald.

Defeat: An angry Donald will drive forward slowly to the enemy only to bump to a buffer that appears out of nowhere in front of Donald. He look in bewilderment at the buffer, but then glares at the enemies.


Basic Attack: Donald glare at the enemies dealing X Fantastic Damage.

White Skill: Dilly Support:
Dilly fly on top of Donald, quack and flap her wing at the enemies, Distracting all enemies and healing Donald for X HP. And Donald takes 85% of Damage Reduction from all sources for 10 seconds.

The Distract has a chance to fail against enemies higher than Level Y.

Green Skill: Practical Joke:
Donald snicker to himself, causing himself to gain Armor and Reality Increase by 45% for 8 seconds. As we’ll apply to all enemies 2 Stack of Weakness for 10 seconds.

The Weakness has a chance to fail against enemies above level Y.

Blue Skill: Spiteful Friends:
Donald summons the Spiteful Brake Van with Z HP on the middle of the enemy-line, the Spiteful Brake Van can redirect every projectile that would pass him. The Spiteful Brake Van can be summoned, once per wave.

Purple Skill: Hard Working Engine:
Once per wave, when Donald falls below 60% of his max HP, he heals himself for X HP and gains Precise for 20 seconds.

Red Skill: Scottish Trickery:
Donald Basic Attack now Remove 50 Energy from enemies.

The Spiteful Brake Van gains Z Max HP.

“Dilly Support” grants Donald 5 Stack of Hardy to himself and the ally with the most Skill Power for 9 seconds.

The Energy Removal has a chance to fail against enemies above level Y.

Additional Stat Boosts:
• + Z Reality
• + Z Skill Power
• + Z Tenacity



[Donald and Donald Duck]
Description: Donald was new to the city, so he went to every place that the city has in storage, has soon he passed a station, he heard someone calling by his name. Obviously Donald went back to see who called him, but soon he saw that their someone name Donald and it was a duck.

Disk Name: My Name is Donald
Disk Power:
• + X Skill Power to Donald and his Allies
• + X Armor to Donald and his Allies
• + Tank Role ally gains X Max HP

• When The Spiteful Brake Van falls below 65% of his max HP, he becomes invincible for 1/2/3/4/5 seconds, The Spiteful Brake Van can become invincible once every 7 seconds.

Allies: Helga Sinclair, Gadget, Tron

[Donald and James]
Description: Sir Topham Hatt tasked Donald and James to take Heavy Goods, obviously James was angry to take dirty trucks, but Donald didn’t mind and instead mock James.

Disk Name: Scottish Red Engine
Disk Power:
• + Tank role enemies lose X Reality
• + Damage role enemies lose X Tenacity
• + X Skill Power
• + X Reality

• After using “Practical Joke” gain 1/2/3/4/5 stacks of Hardy for 9 seconds.

Allies: Sir Topham Hatt, Edward, Vinny Santorini

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I would’ve been very dissapointed if you didn’t do this Friendship Campaign lol. Especially since there was literally an episode of T&F called “Donald’s Duck”.

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