Dooble Hero Concept

Dooble, Support, Backline, :star:
Quote: Hellosche!
Team Trial: Yellow.

Defeat: Dooble will shake his fist angrily.
Victory: Dooble will dance for joy.
Basic Attack: Dooble will throw a styrofoam cup at an enemy, dealing X damage.

White Skill: Dooble, and Dooble, and Doobly-Doo.
Dooble will sing his song, taunting the enemies for 3 seconds.

Green Skill: Peas and Corn.
Dooble will eat some peas and corn, healing random amounts.

Blue Skill: Foldable Meatloaf
Dooble will throw a piece of folded meatloaf at an enemy, dealing X damage.

Purple Skill: Hardened Cups
Dooble’s basic attack does x2 more damage.

Red Skill: Stale Meatloaf
Dooble’s meatloaf attack is able to do x3 more damage.

Friendship 1: Dooble and Goofy.
Goofs and Oops
Dooble’s basic attack can do x3 more damage.

Friendship 2: Dooble and Linguini/Remy
Tasty Foods
Peas and Corn heals x2 more.

Source: Two More Eggs

Sry but how do you pronounce that quote ? :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:

Hello- ssh

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wow how harsh lol

Well honestly Dooble is not very bright at all.

true dat is.

Well somebody is offended because I called Dooble the very big idiot stupid & that comment is now reported.

that’s not offensive, that’s just him lol

Why does this make so much sense?

emm this is not very good. I don’t know why you said too much ×2/×3, esp. memory disk. Because those disk are multiple, so it has not much fun. But at least this is basic completed. So I will give 58/100

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