Dr. Facilier Concept

Dr. Facilier Concept

Role: Support

White: Rule of Voodoo
Passive: Whenever his basic attack hits, Dr. Facilier heals a % percentage of the damage dealt to his teammates. Fun fact about Voodoo, he can’t heal himself.

Active: Dr. Facilier draws one random tarot card of either support, tank, damage, control or a card with his image on it. Whichever card is drawn heals the allies of that type and deals fantastic damage of that type of enemy. If he draws the card with his image, nothing happens.

Green: Master of Shadows
When the first enemy character is defeated, Dr. Facilier casts a voodoo spell on his allies. Every living ally gains a shadow that grows larger as the battle goes on. As the shadow grows it buffs the damage of all living allies’ basic attack.

Blue: Frog Curse
Dr. Facilier curses the front-most enemy dealing X amount of fantastic damage and changing them into a frog for X seconds. This has a chance to fail against enemies above X level.

Purple: Bring a Friend to the Other side
When Dr. Facilier reaches 0 health he targets the enemy with the lowest health and deals true damage to take them with him. This has a chance to fail against enemies higher than level X

Red: Blood Ritual
Fantastic Damage Dealt from “Frog Curse” and True Damage dealt from “bring a friend to the other side” also trigger “rule of voodoo” healing Dr. Facilier’s teammates a %percentage of the damage dealt.

Friendship Discs:
Captain Hook
Hook and Hoodoo / Crocs, Gators and Frogs
Frog curse also has a chance to charm nearby enemies to the enemy changed into the frog. The likelihood and number of enemies charmed increases as this disc is upgraded.

Randall Boggs
Shadow Games
“Master of Shadows” triggers at the beginning of the battle (instead of after the first enemy defeated). It buffs the charged attacks of allies in addition to the basic attacks as the battle goes on. The degree of damage buff increases as the disc is upgraded.


If the white skill will have a passive, you should make an active. Otherwise it is pointless.

For a starter, not a bad concept

Also welcome to the forums!

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Thanks for the advice I appreciate it! I made a change to make for it to have a passive and an active!

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  • White Skill:
    • Passive: A good concept of a passive, especially the part where he can’t heal himself. I’m assuming his basic attack is throwing cards?
    • Active: A good Skill since it plays the randomness, sort of like Yzma’s, but I have to ask, what happens if, say, Facilier draws a Support Card, but you don’t have a Support other than Facilier, or the Opponent doesn’t have a Support?

  • Green Skill: A good concept of a Skill. No more comments.

  • Blue Skill: Another interesting Skill. However, does this make the frogged enemy untargetable, like Yzma’s and Genie’s?

  • Purple Skill: I suppose this is a Final Breath with a mix of Maui’s White Skill. Although, does the True Damage KO an Enemy or just damage it?

  • Red Skill: Another good Skill. No more comments.

  • [Ca] Disc: I love the concept. Nothing more.

  • [Ra] Disc: Just like the [Ca] Disc, I love the concept.


  • For a starting Forum User, this is a decent, if not great, concept.
  • Overall Rating: 9/10

Thanks @HeroSSWin for the review and thoughts :smiley:

Frog Curse:
I like your thought with making the Frog Curse like Yzma and Genie untargetable.

Rule of Voodoo
I think with the tarot card white active skill it could be if there is no ally or enemy targetable the energy used would be distributed amongst Dr. Facilier’s teammates. Where Master of Shadows gets stronger over the course of the battle, Rule of Voodoo starts strong wanes as the battle wages on, especially when playing with a balanced team with members of each role and against team with each role.

Other thought would be if no enemy or ally is targetable, Dr. Facilier hexes all enemy players instead (Ursula’s status effect)

Lmk your thoughts.

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@Polaris any word if any of the Princess and the frog characters or some of the more diverse disney characters might come out soon (Pocahontas, Quasimodo, Esmeralda, Mulan)

@Polaris Please add him to the game!!!

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