Dr. Facilier's White Skill Not Working Properly

There’s a problem with Dr. Facilier’s White Skill. Here’s two videos of me using him, and his white skill didn’t worked not a single time D:

Facilier is a great control hero. I’ve been using him a lot since it was released, one of my top heroes for sure. However his white skill is becoming useless, because: 1. it can be easly dodged; 2. less longer with high tenacity; 3. we need to deal with stacks of hardy.

I think it would be better if enemies couldn’t dodge it. It is frustating because when it happens, not even the shield is applied. And with high tenacity, enemies don’t last longer in the form of frogs.

Stacks of hardy are unquestionable.

Here’s another point… when his white skill doesn’t work, either because of dodging or because stacks of hardy, the energy bar is empted, making the whole “wait” to gain energy a waste of time…

Another point. The red skill “Dr. Facilier’s attack speed is increased by 50% while shielded by Seeing Green” is useless if the shield can’t be applied.

I can see heroes can dodge Jafar’s and Maga’s white skill, but their energy maintain so they can keep trying to control the enemies. Most of the others control heroes’ white skills are “damage” type (e.g. collete, dalma, flyn, finnick etc.), so they’ll probably work.

So suggestions:

  1. Heroes can’t dodge the skill/we can choose what enemy he will apply his white skill; or
  2. Heroes can dodge, but a part of/full energy is maintained; or
  3. Heroes can dodge, but if they do that, a debuff is applied; or
  4. Even if heroes dodge it, the shield is applied to Facilier.

It would also be nice if his basic attacks makes the tenacity of the enemies decrease.


Would love to see you try to give him a total refresh. This is really good!

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Transformation is awful in general
Merlin ezma dr f

Pooh can still get honey and other still do thier passives and skill when tranformed

Making transformation the most useless type of crowd controll it is inferior to stun/freeze/silence/charm

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Very good point, I didn’t even acknowledge that. If it works for some, why doesn’t it work for him.

I’d love to see a refresh on his stats and put him to use again.

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I’d be down for a total refresh of course, because Jafar disk makes no sense to me actually.

I like his other skill. “The Cards Will Tell” is pretty good to control and damage.

@Polaris please consider this.

Here’s a video of me using him in the city watch. The white skill is fully maxed, it doesn’t depend on enemies level, but it didn’t work NOT A SINGLE TIME. Notice I’m also using Kristoff in most of the battle, who can increase skill power, but it is still not working. @Polaris please fix this


These are good suggestions, @Polaris. PB should consider them.

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I like the 3rd and 4rth idea. PB should listen more to players feedback. This would be amazing for other heroes aside Facilier.


Another video. Just completed Chapter 32 and all the times I used his skill none of them worked. @Polaris

everytime I try to bring this subject up to light my posts are hidden… I’ve been tagging polaris a lot of time and not once I’ve got a reply or any addressment :sleepy: :sleepy: :sleepy: :sleepy:

New Update and nothing about fixing problems with Facilier :frowning: @Polaris

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