Dr. Hämsterviel Hero Concept

Frontline, Attack, :star: :star: :star:, Team Trials: Blue.
Quote: I am not gerbil-like, i am hamster-like!
Entrance: walks in, crossing his arms.
Victory: He lifts his fists in the air and jumps for joy.
Defeat: He makes a mad look and jumps up and down angrily.
Description: This hamster is a very villainous hamster, not a nice and cute one.
Basic Attack: Punches The Enemy.

White Skill: Hamster Wheel of Doom
Hämsterviel will roll a hamster wheel, dealing X damage to opponents in front of the wheel.

Green Skill: Angry Yell.
Hämsterviel will yell angrily, making enemies attack him for 3 seconds.

Blue Skill: The Laser.
Hämsterviel grabs a galactic laser gun, and will shoot at enemies, dealing X damage.

Purple Skill: Repairing the Weapons
The laser gun now does x2 more damage, same with the Hamster wheel.

Red Skill: Galactic Space Pod.
Hämsterviel hops in a space pod, and rams into enemies dealing random amounts of damage.

Friendship 1: Hämsterviel and Anger. Rage of Hämsterviel
Hämsterviel’s green skill now lasts for 5 seconds.

Friendship 2: Hämsterviel and Syndrome. Mechanic Maniacs.
Hämsterviel will shoot his laser gun more often, now dealing x2 more damage.

Remember to stay safe and have a good day!

More hero Concepts plz!!! UwU

If you remember. Stitch is on the blue team. I think Hamsterviel should be in the blue team.

good idea.

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