Duchess (& her kittens)


Stars at the beginning: :star:
Role: Control
Position: Mid
Team: Blue

Entrance: Duchess and her kittens walk towards their position, during their walk the kittens start a fight which takes them all the way to their position, when Duchess reaches the position she stares at her kittens making them stop fighting and placing themselves next to her, smiling.
Victory: Duchess and her kittens meow and dance.
Defeat: Duchess and her kittens become sad, looking down.

Quote: “Oh, c’est très jolie, monsieur. Very poetic. But it is not quite Shakespeare.’’

White Skill: Talented Kittens :sparkles:
Passive: Instead of basic attacks Duchess purrs, healing herself and the ally with the lowest remaining health by X and granting herself 250 energy.

Active: Duchess lets one of her kittens perform for the enemies their talent, each kitten has their own unique ability they perform and each can perform only one at a time. Kittens perform in the order shown below and cycle back.

Marie: Does a pose and winks, Charming 3 random enemies for 11 seconds, while Charmed their attack and movement speed is increased by 100% and their Basic Damage is increased by X.
Toulouse: Pulls out his paintbrush and splashes wet paint at the nearest enemies, dealing X Fantastic damage, decreasing attack and movement speed by 65% for 11 seconds, and applies 4 stacks of Fatigue to them.
Berlioz: Plays on a miniature piano, healing all allies X HP, granting them 350 energy and increasing their attack and movement speed by 125% for 11 seconds.

Each use of the active additionally stuns all enemies for 3 seconds. This stun cannot be dodged or evaded and the duration is not reduced by tenacity.

Green Skill: Dancing Feline
Duchess dances for a short time, removing all Hardy stacks from enemies, applying Distract to enemies for 8 seconds while she gains Reflect for 6 seconds. Each reflected damage heals Duchess by 25% of her Max HP and grants her 2 stacks of Hardy. Reflected damage Silences enemies for 4 seconds.

Applying silence has a chance to fail against enemies above level X.

Blue Skill: Lesson of Manners :fist:
During each wave, Duchess applies the “Most Wanted” status to the enemy who is dealing the most damage.

Duchess disapproves the actions of the ‘‘Most Wanted’’ enemy, decreasing their attack and movement speed by 60% and reducing all their damage dealt by 50%, whenever the Most Wanted status jumps to a new target that enemy becomes immediately stunned for 5 seconds and takes X Normal Damage and the previous enemy with that status becomes Silenced for 6 seconds.

Duchess and allies heal X HP whenever they are hit by the enemy with the Most Wanted status.

Purple Skill: No Fighting!
At the beginning of each wave, Duchess applies silence to all enemies for 12 seconds and a random debuff for the same duration.

Duchess can apply Hex, Curse, Sap, or Blind.
Used Hex from this source stuns enemies for 6 seconds.

All enemies receive the same random type of debuff.

This has a chance to fail against enemies above level X.

Red Skill: Perfect and Elegant
“Talented Kittens” gains additional effects:

Marie: Enemies which didn’t become Charmed lose X Armor and Reality and become Silenced for 8 seconds.
Toulouse: All active buffs are removed from enemies hit and the amount of Fatigue stacks is tripled on disabled enemies.
Berlioz: All allies are cleansed from debuffs and gain 5 stacks of Hardy.

Duchess and allies heal X HP whenever they damage a silenced enemy.

Additional stat boosts:
+X Heal from ‘‘Lesson of Manners’’


Bagheera - Cats of the City

Enemies Begin Each Wave with Fatigue Stacks

  • +X SP
  • +X Max HP
  • Enemies lose X Armor per stack of Fatigue
  • Enemies lose X Reality per stack of Fatigue
  • At the start of each wave, all enemies receive 2 stacks of Fatigue (+2 stacks per star)

Lilo - Lost in the Big City

Stun Enemies who would Steal Energy

  • +X BD to Duchess and allies
  • Stunned allies gain X Armor and Reality
  • Stunned enemies lose X Armor and Reality
  • When an enemy would steal energy from Duchess or her allies, that enemy is instead stunned for 3 seconds. (+3s per star)

This is a good concept! I loved the movie too

Yes, it’s kind of a slow but charming movie, I like it.
And, uh, it has cats! :smiley:

The relationship between Duchess and Thomas is nice too.

Yes definitely

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