Ducktales gyro gearloose and boyd concept


“Hi I am Boyd a definitely real boy”

Bio Boyd a definitely real boy is ready with laser eyes and his charisma and gyro with bulbtech he calculated a percent to win

Roll midline tank

Trial team yellow. stars 1

Strategy place in a team that can spam white skills and combo with vinny for an infinite damage loop as long as you spam vinny’s white skill

Entrance gyro rides on Boyd and little bulb sits on gyros shoulder

Victory gyro and little bulb and Boyd high five at once

Defeat Boyd deactivates and gyro is sad and pets him and little bulb’s light goes out

Basic attack Boyd shoots eye lasers

White skill time tub

Passive whenever a white skill is active, for 5 seconds all enemies take x fantastic damage active gyro gearloose enters his time tub and rewind the battlefield for by 25 seconds any effect over time that was within for ended in the 25 seconds are applied to all enemies. per debuff gyro gains x armor and reality for 11 seconds also any effect activated or ended within the last 25 seconds when activating this skill all those debuffs are applied to the respective enemies for their full amount also any buff Applied or ended within the 25 seconds when the skill was activated is applied to their respective allies for their full amount

The debuffs has a chance to fail against enemies above level x

Green skill a bulb idea little bulb flashes dealing x fantastic damage and blinding all enemies for 17 seconds and Boyd gets scared flying through the enemies dealing x normal damage

Blue skill information processingecation

Boyd tells a lot of dem facts dealing x fantastic damage to all enemies for 15 seconds and reducing their armor by 50%

The armor reduction has a chance to fail against enemies above level x

Purple skill definitely a real boy when gyro and Boyd crits they gain x armor for the rest of the battle and they also absorb 25% of all damage dealt while above 20% hp

Red skill wildly misunderstood

Gyro gearloose and Boyd are immune to disables

Whenever a skill damages enemies. deal x true damage per second for 10 seconds to all enemies whenever a hero activates a white skill within 11 seconds after another hero activates a white skill gyro gearloose applies all debuffs applied within the last 25 seconds all enemies take x normal damage per second per debuff on them and take x fantastic damage per buff on your team

Friendship with Hercules

Gyro gearloose if fascinated at Hercules strength and decides to be op with him in debuff adventures

Disk is called bulb strength the cool down of a bulb idea is reset when gyro gains 7 or more buffs stacks of hardy are separate

Friendship with Eva

Gyro decides to copy eve’s model so he needs to run 8 tests on eve while Boyd plays with her

Disk is called Astro boy

When gyro gearloose and Boyd crit they gain 400 energy and apply a random debuff to all enemies

Classification of hero

Debuff adder and better pleakley but with debuffs

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