DuckTales! Woo-oo! (Renewed)

This is a renewed version of a post I made a month ago (as of March 2019). So here we go!

Scrooge McDuck

“That dime inspired me… to move to America”

Scrooge McDuck is a mid-line control hero

Trial Team: Red

Stars: :star::star:


Entrance: Scrooge McDuck walks into the battlefield with his cane in his hand

Victory: Scrooge gets money (bills and golden coins) out of his pockets and throws them in the air

K.O.: Scrooge falls forward with his bill (as in “Duck Bill” or the mouth) on the ground, sighing depressingly

Basic Attack: Scrooge hits an enemy with his cane, dealing Y damage


White Skill: Money Overflow
:sparkles: Fantastic Damage
Scrooge releases many coins, rolling on the ground, moving toward and past enemies, dealing X damage to all enemies, stunning them for 6 seconds

Stun may fail against enemies above level Z

Green Skill: Bribe
Scrooge hands out at wad of dollar bills and puts it back into his pocket, bribing an enemy to attack for him, charming them for 6 seconds

Charm may fail against enemies above level Z

Blue Skill: Scottish Delight
Scrooge takes out his bagpipes playing them, decreasing all enemies’ reality by Y

Reality decrease is reduced against enemies above level Z

Purple Skill: Money, Money, Money
“Money Overflow” now decreases enemies’ reality by X

Red Skill: Golden Bill
Whenever an enemy is buffed, they lose X Skill Power and give it to Scrooge

Additional Stat Boosts:
+Z Max HP
+Z Armor
+Z damage with “Money Overflow”

X = Skill Power; Y = Basic Damage; Z = Level Cap


Scrooge - Hiro
Bot Business
“Bribe” Lasts Longer
Allies: Nick Wilde, Miguel, Joy

  • +X Basic Damage
  • “Bribe” charms for 1 more second

Scrooge - Merida
Scottish Touch
Slowing Delightfulness
Allies: Tia Dalma, Ralph, Simba & Nala

  • “Scottish Delight” now deals X damage to enemies per second for 7 seconds
  • “Scottish Delight” slows enemies by 10% for 2 seconds

Hope you liked it


Hmm, not bad 4 a concept.

Thx. I am just restarting but do you think he should be damage or control?

A damage seems 2 fit right now.

Currently he is a dance type hero :sweat_smile:

Lol. (20 characters)

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Oh now I see the typo

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I think that your skill set for Scrooge Mcduck fits with a control role more than a damage role (I’m not trying to offend anybody)

I asked before and finally someone who has a different perspective

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You had a new topic,and I was like

Um,excuse me?What happened to you not spamming?

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