Duke Igthorn

Duke Igthorn Concept

Stars at the beginning: :star2:
Role: Damage
Position: Front
Team: Red

Entrance: Igthorn walks into the battlefield, when he gets on his position he pulls out a sword and points it towards enemies.
Victory: Igthorn smiles gently.
Defeat: Igthorn throws his sword to the ground and gets angry.

Quote: “You dare splash me, the future king of Dunwyn? I’ll pulverize you. I’ll squash you like a bug!’’

Basic attack: Igthorn strikes enemies with his sword.

White Skill: Ogres’ Attack :fist:
Igthorn calls in Ogres to attack enemies, Ogres run through the battlefield and attacking enemies, dealing X damage, applying 2 stacks of Weakness for 10 seconds, and stunning them for 8 seconds.

Green Skill: Spying On :fist:
Igthorn spies on enemies using a spyglass, applying Monitored to the enemy with the highest skill power for 10 seconds. All enemies are additionally Studied for 12 seconds and have decreased armor by X for 12 seconds.

The Monitored enemy takes X damage per second and Igthorn steals 75% of the energy they gain.

Blue Skill: Flying Rock :fist:
Igthorn gives a command to activate a catapult, a moment later a giant rock falls on enemies, dealing X damage and stunning them for 10 seconds.

Purple skill: Evil Knight
Igthorn deals 200% more damage to stunned enemies.

Igthorn’s basic attacks increase the duration of existing stuns on damaged enemies by 3 seconds.

The extra damage has a chance to fail against enemies above level X.

Red skill: Taking It Over
Igthorn gains X Basic Damage and X Skill Power whenever an enemy gets stunned. Igthorn receives 10% less damage per enemy stunned for the next 10 seconds, up to an 80% reduction.

The stun from ‘‘Flying Rocks’’ bypass Hardy stacks on enemies, and when enemies are already stunned their Armor is reduced to 0 for 10 seconds.

The Hardy bypass has a chance to fail against enemies above level X.

Additional stat boosts:
+X Armor Negation


Dr. Drakken - Scheme Trading

Longer stuns

  • +X SP
  • +X BD
  • Stunned enemies lose X Armor
  • Stuns applied by Igthorn last 1 second longer (+1s per star)
  • Igthorn’s attack speed is increased by 30% per stunned enemy on the battlefield (+30% per star)

Sheriff of Nottingham - A Place to Rule

Boosted ‘‘Spying On’’ Skill

  • +X HP
  • +X SP to Igthorn and allies
  • ‘‘Spying On’’ is used at the beginning of each wave
  • ‘‘Spying On’’ now lowers Enemies’ Purple Skill levels by 6 for 10 seconds (+6 per star)
  • ‘‘Spying On’’ makes Igthorn Precise for 5 seconds (+1s per star)
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