Easter egg hunt!


I Hades Lord of the underworld and Perblue and the community invites you to an Easter egg hunt🐰!!!
Post screenshots from the game finding Easter eggs, here are some to find!
Nemo blimp
Dinoco containers
Eve signboard
Mickeys steamboat
Have a great hunt !!!


I like this idea!

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I saw others :wink: how about Gerard from Finding Dory? Goofy hiding behind a pole?
Madame Amoirs shop?

Oliver and Co.?

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Post pictures that’s how it works but good contribution buddy :grin: keep up the good work !


I don’t want to spoil some of it, but ALL OF IT. Hahaha! :crazy_face:
Check it here:
Disney Heroes: Battle Mode

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When I first started playing DBHM, one of the first things I noticed was how the backdrops and battle areas were absolutely littered with Easter eggs. It only increases at that point :joy:


I remember seeing dat nemo blimp. 2 funny. :joy:

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@Polaris is it possible that some Easter Eggs be hidden around the game (Maybe Golden eggs) for people as possible prizes? I mean other games have done this in the past & it was really fun, farming them. I believe it was like 50 to win a prize! Also they could be sold in the market for gold. Maybe part of a contest or something? Is there anything in the works?

I Hope there will be an Easter egg hunt in the game For real good prizes!